New believers’ struggles

Continue to pray for Mart and Light – the new believers you prayed for last month – as they have hit a rocky patch. On the day they were planning on getting baptised, Mart went off to his home island without telling anyone. The enemy is definitely working to stop the growth that has started. Pray that he would come back quickly, that God would help them to work out their marriage issues, and that they would continue to grow in their young faith.

Courage needed

Pray for believers to persevere despite opposition and persecution. They need courage and wisdom. Pray they would be filled with the Spirit and share with family and friends what great things the Lord has done.
Pray the Lord would rebuke the political and religious leaders who are opposing His work. May they repent and turn to Christ.

Rejoice with us!

Praise God for ‘Mart’ and ‘Light’, who recently, joyfully, came to Christ! They are meeting twice weekly to pray, sing, and study a discipleship course. Pray for continued growth, and that they will share their faith with others. Pray that their mother, siblings, and friends will join the group!

The governor is in the Lord’s hand

Religious leaders are opposing our work. There have been sermons against us and the believers. Pray for the governor to resist pressure from the religious leaders and allow us to continue our translation work. Pray the opposition will only increase curiosity and many will read the scriptures in their own language.

Christmas parties

Pray for all the Christmas parties and other opportunities to talk with friends about the Christmas story. Ask Father to open many hearts. May the story catch their imaginations and would they long to hear more!

Diaspora opportunities

Pray for the island children who attend the homework club. Pray this week they will listen well to the Christmas story. Pray their parents will come to the special holiday event and listen with tender hearts. Pray the Lord will draw many to Himself.

Good News of Great Joy

Pray for islanders who have the chance to hear the Christmas story this month; whether from workers or on TV. Pray for open hearts, and that what they hear would catch their imaginations and settle in their hearts. Pray that God would bless them with the desire to know more of who Jesus is. That they would receive it as good news of great joy!

This month is also the Arabic month that celebrates the birth of their prophet. Pray for religious leaders who have studied in greater detail the life of their prophet and their book. Pray that disillusionment and dissatisfaction would grow, pray that Gd would give them with a hunger for more.

Pray for local believers as they celebrate Christmas. Pray for times of joy as they come together. Pray that Gd would gift them with the creativity to see what island celebrations could look like. Pray for those who are without fellowship, pray that they would be overcome with joy that Jesus came to seek them out.

Who can stand against us!

Please keep praying for those who continue in opposition to the spread of the good news here. Pray for the two religious teachers who have redubbed the Jesus film (widely available in the local language) to bring it in line with Islamic teaching. Pray that God would bring them to the point where they recognise that they have done the very thing they accuse believers of – changing the word of God.

Pray for those in positions of power who are being asked to tighten religious freedom; pray that they would be willing to stand for freedom in the face of opposition. Pray that all that is happening would not only bring greater freedom here but also stir up curiosity and hunger to know who Jesus is.

Pray that all believers on the island would abide ever deeper in the truth that if God is with us who can be against us!

Pray for those who stand in opposition to God’s kingdom

In the past month or so there has been increased scrutiny of local believers and workers; this has mainly been instigated by religious teachers but some government officials have also been involved. Pray for these men who are seemingly so full of anger, judgement and fear. Praise God that for them too there is grace! Pray that they would encounter the God of love who wants to set them free from their chains. Pray that God would reveal to them His holiness and the depth of sin in their own hearts. Pray for radical ‘Road to Damascus’ experiences of Jesus!

Remembering God’s promise to use all things for the good of those who love Him, pray that any additional pressure the local believers feel would only serve to push them closer to Him and to one another. Pray that all believers on the island would speak and act out of love and never fear.

Update on The Islanders of the Indian Ocean

Pr for all those who have gone on the pilgrimage to Mcca. Pr that what they experience there would only serve to show them how far they are from Gd. Pr that Gd would speak to many through dreams and visions whilst on the Hajj; pr that they would meet the One who can change their hearts.
Pr for those back at home as they celebrate the festival of Eid, which commemorates the story of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son (although Ms believe it was Ishmael not Isaac). Pr that workers would have many opportunities to talk with islanders about the truths of this story, and that Gd would show many that he has provided a sacrifice for them just as he provided one for Isaac.