Word to take hold

Pray for there to be more consistent gatherings attended by the people. There has been a lot of interest in the Matthew translation and several people have asked for an audio copy. Pray that gatherings will start and that the word of God will take hold in their hearts.

Villagers listened!

Praise! The village of Andavakabiby met together on Thursday to continue to listen to the gospel of Matthew. They listened to chapters 1-5. One prominent man stated how this was good truth, and he wanted to have the stories on his phone so he could listen to them while he worked. They all agreed that Jesus was correct when telling us to turn the other cheek and love your enemies. Pray that their ears would continue to be open to the story of Jesus and that other villages will accept the offer to come and have the stories played for them.

Village headman

On Sunday the headman of the village of “Andavakabiby” accepted the invitation to come listen to a Bible story. He heard the story of Jesus’ birth and baptism in Matthew chapters 1-3. Pray that this would take hold in his heart and that he would come back to continue to hear the rest of the story of Jesus in Matthew.

Pray for open hearts

Pray for the Antakarana on Nosy Mitsio- that they would welcome and care for new Malagasy missionaries living amongst them. Pray for good new relationships and for open hearts to the Gospel message.

encouraging survey

A recent survey of the Antakarana in Madagascar is very encouraging. Pray for workers, especially Malagasy to join the work of evangelism and discipleship so that a church planting movement would catch fire and blaze across the Antakarana.


Pray for a survey going on all this week to find out what can be done to strengthen the ministry among the Antakarana. Pray for safety in travel and wisdom as the team visits and talks with people. May the Lord guide them clearly.

Pray for Life

Two babies died today on Nosy Mitsio, one last night and one at the funeral. Last week another child died. Two of them were from diarrhea and the other from unknown causes. Please pray that the people here would be comforted and that they would open their eyes and ears to the life that God wants for them.

New believer keen to share

Niki, an Antakarana believer, recently lead another woman to the Lord and now they both want to come to Nosy Mitsio for a month in December and help minister and share the gospel. This will be an amazing witness to the people on Nosy Mitsio, who are bound in the ways of Islam and ancestor worship. Pray for there to be an open house and open hearts to receive them. Pray for Niki and her friend as they grow in Christ and prepare to witness to their fellow Antakarana. Pray for protection from spiritual attack as they and the team there bring the gospel message to the Antakarana people. Pray that other Malagasy believers would follow the calling to missions among the unreached in Madagascar.

Antakarana of Diego

Almost the whole community looks like they are fervent M believers during Ramadan time, with their customs and practices: at the offices, at stores, at schools, taxi drivers, sellers on the street, etc…. Pray for a special touch from the Holy Spirit to open their eyes as more people will go to mosques this period. The government gave notice that Koranic schools will be shut down, because they are making students study the Koran too many hours a day. There are complaints from some parents and students about it. Pray for peaceful dialogue.

Cyclone coming!!

Pray for mercy for the people of Northern Madagascar as cyclone Enawo hits. Pray for God’s people to love their neighbors and honor Jesus in their response to this crisis.