The Makhuwa Nahara of Mozambique

Scripture: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” Pray the Nahara would hear this good news and believe.

Population: 323,000

Location: Northern coastal Mozambique

History: Arab influence a century ago

Culture: The Nahara are a subgroup of the Makhuwa, which is the largest ethnic group in Mozambique comprising 40% of the population. They are fishermen. Modern education is not valued and illiteracy is very high.

Religion: Folk Islam and ancestor worship

Latest Prayer Updates:

Fishers of men

The Nahara, living on the northern coast of Mozambique, are mostly fisherman. Their life and identity are strongly connected to the sea, the shore, and fishing. Knowledge of weather conditions, tide, good fishing ground, piloting canoes, and using nets brings in good catches as well as pride in their work. Pray that the hold of folk Islam, animism and traditional rituals such as ancestor worship would be broken. Pray that those Nahara who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour would become fishers of men; pray that Christ himself, who calmed the wind and the sea, would bring his peace and love to many hearts.

Taking on the Vision

Covid-19 has sadly halted many things. This includes literacy classes in the villages. Please pray that God would raise up the right people to become teachers who will take on the vision of reading the Bible in their native language. Thankfully, the radio broadcasts have continued to run smoothly. However, Nelson (one of the announcers), needs to relocate to a new piece of land due to a dispute. Please ask for guidance in this matter and that God will provide additional ways to sustain his family. May the team soldier on with power and strength which comes from above.

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