Life-Giving Rains

Please pray for the Zigua. Finally the life-giving rains are here. Everything is green and new. People have planted their maize, though it’s early days, the crop looks solid. But so does the grass. As fast as the maize grows, the weeds are faster. Each morning our little village empties out as people go to hoe the weeds out of their fields and keep the birds at bay. As they go out to tend to their fields, we pray for the spiritual harvest. We too, pray that the birds of the air, will not steal our scattered seed. We pray that the soil is good. We pray that the weeds will not choke out our tiny plants. We long for the Kingdom to arrive here. Please pray with us.

Not Afraid, Just Not Willing

The village chairwoman came to ask us to make photocopies of their holy book (the Koran) to make charms. No, we answered, we can’t do that. Now she is saying that she isn’t afraid of the Bible, but that we are afraid of their book. Pray for a break through!

On the other hand, we are praising God for bringing rain to us the day before a traditional rain ceremony was planned. Now people are out planting instead of engaging in traditional spiritistic practices. This was a huge encouragement to our new Zigua believer!

He Came And Found Us

A is a brand new believer in Jesus. He’s read the Bible we gave him cover to cover, was the only attendant at our first church service in the village and after answering his double sided page of questions he wants to be baptized! We had nothing to do with this. He came and found us and the Holy Spirit has obviously been at work with him for a while. Our partner church in another town wants to send someone to visit with him weekly for dicipleship. Pray for the right person! Meanwhile, a missionary is also scheduling time to spend with him. Pray also he would stand firm through the inevitable persecution he will experience!

Christmas Explanations

Pray as we draw near to Christmas that we would be able to explain effectively why Jesus came to our Zigua friends and neighbors who are curious.

Growing Education

Pray for a way forward for education among the Zigua. So many kids don’t go to school at all. Pray for literacy to increase, and a hunger to read God’s Word.

An Alternative to Abortion

Pray for a Zigua friend who came and asked for money to abort her fifth child. I told her that seeking an abortion is both dangerous and a sin. We discussed alternatives and I have assured her that I will help her in any way I can (such as vitamins, and some work to increase her household income) should she decide to keep the baby. Pray for her to keep her baby and through this stressful time to come to faith in Christ.

Child Brides

Child brides are quite normal among the Zigua, partly because hardly anyone attends or completes school. Another reason is that parents do not trust their children to abstain from premarital sex. The result is a cultural practice where girls are locked inside once they begin menstruating until the time when their parents can give them a “coming out party” This period is sometimes 2-3 years! After the party, the expectation is that the girl will soon be married. Please pray people come to know Christ, and this part of their culture be transformed.

Relying on the Wrong Medicines

Zigua people here rely heavily on natural and super-natural medicines that vary from reasonably effective to harmful. Pray that they would be able to put their faith in the Great Physician who is able to heal.

Nothing To Hide

Please pray for a man named A who came by this week asking for a Bible. He wants to read it to compare it to the Koran… We gave him a copy of the NT in Zigua. He asked if we could get him the OT too. When I asked him if he wanted to put it in a bag he said he had nothing to hide. We encouraged him to come back with questions when he’s read some. Pray that his seeking heart will find the truth and he’d be set free! Pray that we’ll be able to connect with him again soon.