A Fragrance of Christ

Praise God that at this time Christians are being raised up by God to live among the Zigua and share the gospel with this Muslim tribe. Pray that they will be the fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved, an aroma of life to life. Pray for their prayers for the perishing to be powerful in turning people from dead works to serve the living God.

Purity, Truth and Glory

Pray for the Zigua to become very disillusioned with Islam and with spiritism or witchcraft, and be drawn to the purity, truth and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Warm welcome

The Zigua have just received a team of believers. Pray for curious and open hearts, grace to welcome new neighbors, and patient language helpers to step forward. Praise God for sending Light into the darkness.

Turning to the Living God

Pray that the Zigua will turn from Islam, from witchcraft, from traditions and from anything else that they have trusted in, and will put their hope in the Living God and worship His Son Jesus and look eagerly for His soon return.

In a Turmoil

Please pray for the turmoil in the hearts of some in our village. We’ve been walking with a young father who has much sin in his life. He wants to follow Jesus and his commands, but is afraid to lose his wife and children. He is pleading with us Christians to share the good news with his wife and see if she will respond. We have been doing this. Pray for a positive response. Our local imam is also in turmoil. Yesterday morning he used his morning call to prayer to warn people against our deception. He saw our giving vegetables to neighbors as a threat. He warned them that we are trying to lead them off track. Pray that the veil would be lifted and he would see things as they really are!

Necessary Permissions

A team of new workers is awaiting visas to begin living among the Zigua and sharing Christ with them. Please pray that all the necessary government permissions will be granted, and that the Zigua will be prepared by the Holy Spirit to be unusually receptive to the team and to their message.

A Soothing Balm

We know of several men interested in following Jesus. One of them has actually told us that he knows that Jesus is the one true God and that Islam has people caught in lies. But they are afraid. They are afraid of losing what little they have- wives, children, community. Please pray that perfect love would drive out fear. Pray for their wives to come also and stand with them. Pray for a community of believers to form as a soothing balm against alienation and rejection.

Equipped Mightily

Emmanuel, a new Zigua believer, is attended a training for new believers June 20th. Please pray with us that God will equip him mightily to tell others (including his grown son) about God’s Kingdom and Jesus. Pray also that Tanzanians will be assigned soon to the missionary team as we believe we will all be more effective if we have national team members.

He Knows of At Least Five More

Please pray for our new believer Emmanueli. As the holy month begins, persecution against him has stepped up. He went to a funeral for a relative and people refused to shake his hand. He told them, “though you have rejected me, I do not reject you. And someday, I have hope that we will shake hands again”. When he is insulted, he continues to stand firm, and offer the other cheek. He told us, that God’s word is what gives him the strength to do that. He feels like it has really found its home in his heart. He continues to testify boldly. He asked for more Bibles to hand out and knows of at least 5 more people who are interested in following Jesus, but are afraid of the isolation. Please pray over the holy month that more people who are truly seeking God would find him. Pray that those disillusioned with the status quo would find the inner strength to step out in boldness. Pray for the harvest!

Even Expose Them

Pray that those Zigua who have begun to study the Scriptures and learn about Christ will put their faith in Him and will refuse to participate in the evil deeds of darkness but instead even expose them.