Writing a Christmas song

One of our team members is working with her village chairperson to write a Zigua Christmas song for our Christmas celebration with our neighbors. Pray for wisdom for the song writers. Pray that this song would sink deep into the hearts of the Zigua and glorify God.

New Life!

Pray for Zula, a young Zigua girl who has chosen to put her faith in Christ. Pray for her faith to grow strong. Pray that she would be discipled well. And pray for Zula’s family. One of our teammates was able to share the Gospel with Zula’s parents. Pray that they would see and know Truth as well. Pray with us that Zula’s whole family would hear Jesus say, “Follow Me” and that they would obey.

Praying for freedom

Prayer for Freedom

Please pray for Wana N. A few nights ago she was struggling with demon oppression and/or possession. Two of us were able to pray with her for freedom and security. Pray Jesus reveals Himself to her in a real way. Pray she will know that He alone has power over evil and is able to set her free.

Coming to church

Please pray for young people who have started coming to church with us. A mix of boys and girls aging from 10-15. Pray they will be changed by the Word that they hear. Pray that Jesus would be their Savior. Pray they would find truth.

Baba M

Praise God for the opportunities we have had to talk about Jesus among the Zigua. Pray specifically for Baba M. He has been reading through the Bible. Pray God speaks to his heart. Pray he will find the Truth undeniable. Pray we will have the words to say to point him to Jesus.

In the Power of His Resurrection

Please pray for the Zigua to come to faith in Christ through the testimony and friendship of the Christians who live among them. Pray that they will leave behind any trust they have placed in Islam or witchcraft, and that the Zigua will know Him and walk in the power of His resurrection.

Seekers found!

The other day, two of our team members stumbled upon three young women reading the Gospel of John in a tattered Bible. Pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to their hearts and call them by name to follow Jesus. Pray against the attacks of Satan. Pray their entire household would come to faith in Christ.

Continue to pray

Please continue to pray for the new Zigua believer. He was evangelized by the only Zigua believer in our church and claims Matthew as his new Christian name. Pray against the fear of persecution. Pray that he would be rooted in the Lord Jesus. Pray that others would see the change in him and desire also to know the Lord.

A Friend Led A Friend to Christ

Praising God for the new Zigua believer who joined us for worship yesterday morning! The best part? He was brought to faith through the sharing of the first indigenous believer among our community! We are currently working through a plan for discipleship. Please pray for that.

Pray for good soil

Pray that God would move in the hearts of the Zigua. Many have been interested in hearing more about Christ lately. Pray that His word would be planted in good soil. Pray against the lies of Satan and the fear of other religions.