Update on The South Asians of East Africa

Please pray that the Kenyan South Asians that are Hindu would come to understand Christ’s captivating holiness and that He is not “one among many” but unique in His Divinity.

For the Kenyan South Asians of a MusIim faith, please pray that they would see Christ as not just an upstanding Prophet, but as he truly is, the divine Son of God.

Update on The South Asians of Uganda

Ramadan Day 29
South Asians have been Mu$lim for hundreds of years. North African Arabs have been as well. Pray that this Ramadan, God would appear to North Africans and South Asians in dreams and visions and call many of them to Himself. After so many years bound by the Evil One, ask Jesus to bind the strong man and plunder his house! (Matt 12:29)

Update on The South Asians of Uganda

Ramadan Day 9: The third pillar of Islam is zakat- the required giving of 2.5% to the poor and needy. “Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matt 10:8) Pray that Christians would freely and boldly share Good News with their Muslim friends, neighbours, and shopkeepers.

Update on The South Asians of Uganda

Praise God for a group within Kampala who are gathering each Saturday evening to pray for this unreached people group! Praise God for a Kampala seminar in July to assist the neighbors of these people–educating and sharing successful tools for building the kingdom of God among this group!