She Needs Peace of Heart

Praise God for another visit with Yas. As with so many of our other Muslim friends, she wants to promote and explain many things about her religion. We listened attentively and asked questions to learn more. Then, as we talked about other topics, her anxieties and troubles emerged, especially in relation to her adult children. This gave us an opportunity to offer to pray with her just before we left. “Oh, that would be wonderful!” We sat on the couch together and prayed aloud for the children. “I hope I can learn to pray like that. That was wonderful. I feel…so happy and good right now!” she exclaimed as we went. Please pray for Yas, that the Lord will open her eyes to the Saviour and teach her to pray in spirit and in truth, through Him. Pray that we can have many more visits, and that she will accept an invitation to read the Bible together in order to have peace of heart and mind.

Why is Good Friday Good?*

On Good Friday, a young Muslim woman will be spending the whole day with a missionary. She has already asked to hear why this day is so “good.” Pray for her heart to be ready to receive the truth without any reservation. Pray for all obstacles to be removed and the veil of darkness to be lifted from her eyes, that God would shine His light into her heart, giving her “the knowledge of the glory of God displayed in the face of Christ.” (2 Corinthians 4:6)

Open the Eyes of her Understanding

Pray for a Hindu South Asian woman who runs a hardware shop. She has had contact with Christian people in the past and received a gospel of John to read. Pray that she will want to discuss the Scripture and that the Lord will open the eyes of her understanding so she can be saved.

Family Dynamics

Praise the Lord for a visit with a S Asian family that led into a long discussion of the dysfunctional family dynamics. Pray that each individual will realise the utter uselessness of Islam to bring health and unity to their family, and will embrace the hope and love Christ offers instead.

A Whole Family Has The Scriptures

Please continue to pray for the D family’s salvation. They have several Bible story books, verse cards, several tracts, and a Bible at their house now. Please pray that they read the Word and talk together about it. Pray for the family as a whole to come to a decision to follow Christ. Pray especially for those who are most influential in the family to decide first.

Conviction of Sin

Two young women from a South Asian family will be meeting with a Christian woman to hear the Bible story of the Ten Commandments, and the requirements of God’s holiness. Pray for the revelation of the Law to bring the conviction of sin, and pray for them to be led to faith in the Saviour.

God’s Solution to Our Sinfulness

Two young Muslim women have an appointment to meet with a missionary to hear what God’s solution to our sinfulness is. This is the meeting where they will hear for the first time that the Messiah the Old Testament predicted, who would save His people from their sins, was Jesus. Please pray they keep the appointment and are ready to cast their burden of sin on the Saviour. Pray for their whole extended family to come to faith in Christ.

A Book About Heaven

A South Asian Muslim woman- educated, responsible, very entrenched in her family- has accepted a Christian book about heaven. Please pray that she reads it, understands who Christ is and the salvation He offers, and that at the right time she takes the initiative to discuss it with the Christian who gave it to her.

Bible Stories: Let’s Start Up Again

Another visit with the D family brought conversation about how long it’s been since we had Bible stories together, and an obvious yearning to begin again. Pray for God to work the logistics of this out, as people’s schedules don’t always mesh. Pray also that the women will begin reading the Bible on their own.

She Feels Guilty For Her Grief

The Muslim South Asian family we’ve been ministering to seem sometimes to be taking steps toward Christ, and sometimes back. One day recently I had a chance to spend time with one of the mothers in the large extended family. She shared that she is still very sad that her brother back in India died and they could not afford for her to go back for his funeral. She can’t get over her guilt for that. Nor her guilt that she is still having waves of sadness about his death. According to her religion, she should simply submit stoically to the will of God. That day we read about Jesus’ sadness over His friend Lazarus’ death, and how each of the sisters had an “if only” comment. This is a normal feeling, a normal reaction. Then we read that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. We read the testimony of Martha, who said, “Yes, Lord, I believe that You are the Christ, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.” The woman listened without arguing. She also received a small book of Swahili Bible stories, and said she would read them. Please continue to pray for the salvation of the whole family.