New believers

Praise God for a new group of Muslim background believers among the Rangi! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide these believers as they meet together to study the Bible each Sunday. Pray for strength and encouragement for them as they face opposition from their friends and...

Turning to the Truth

At a recent seminar, one returning attendee brought a friend. The returning man has something in him that makes him really thirst for the truth, but doesn’t seem able to take the leap to actually GIVE his life to Christ and change. The new friend has studied the Quran...

A Special Graduation

The first Christian school in a village recently graduated its first kindergarten class. Pray for the Muslims who attended, that they will ponder what they heard and saw and seek our believers to understand more.

Needed: A Man After God’s Own Heart

A group of MBBs (Muslim background believers) have been meeting for about a year, growing together without formal church leadership or involvement. The national church wants to send a pastor to them… please pray about this. There is concern that a person will be sent...