Our Newest Member

Praise God for the salvation of a Swahili man who came to church to seek healing. He had limped into our marriage seminar the day before and then returned the next day for our church service to ask for healing prayer for his crippled foot. After the church finished praying for him at the end of the service, he said he also wanted to give his life to Jesus – so right then and there the body led him in a prayer of repentance and acceptance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Praise God! Please continue to pray for his physical healing and for the church to lovingly enfold our newest member into the body.

A Vivid Witness Displayed Through A Wedding

Praise God for a timely, effective marriage seminar hosted by our local church which was attended by both singles and married! At the closing of the seminar day, a young new believer and his girlfriend chose that time to confess and repent before the body of Christ for sin they had entered into. This is radically counter- cultural! The following Sunday they announced before their loving church family their desire to be married in a covenant before God and with their Church family as witnesses! Praise God for the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ who is helping them to now plan their wedding! Pray their wedding and marriage will be a vivid witness to the Swahili of Christ’s redeeming love for the church!


Praise God for an effective “Theology in Farming” seminar for our staff and coastal pastors! The coastal pastors, who heard some of the concepts and principles taught for the very first time, especially felt deeply encouraged and equipped with an effective tool to bridge the gospel through farming in the Swahili communities they are trying to reach! Now pray they would diligently apply these principles and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as they go to the Swahili!

Unexpected opportunities

A couple of days ago I was unexpectedly blessed when I sat down in my best friend’s shop to read the story of Jesus and Bartimaeus to her and an older, partially blind gentleman happened to walk up and start listening to our story. Those few minutes of his listening turned into getting to share 4 stories from the Word and all of us discussing them together. Both of them have asked to continue hearing stories and see great value in the lessons they teach. Pray that as Swahili people hear stories of Truth, they would be captivated not only by the wisdom, but by the person of Jesus. Pray they would see the Truth of who He is in each story we share.

Starting To See The Answers!

Praise God! He is answering our breakthrough prayer for the Swahili … for “whole Swahili families to turn to Jesus with faith that endures and bears fruit.” Mama & Baba F have welcomed the believers into their home for prayer, joined them for Sunday worship & are openly following Jesus! Please pray for their spiritual & physical protection and for their children to follow Jesus soon. Pray their faith would endure & bear fruit!

Now please pray the same for new believer Mama S – that her husband would come to faith in Jesus & her children would be free to follow Jesus too! Her husband comes from a well established & respected Muslim family here & the resistance will be strong against them. But He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world! Praise the Lord!

Two Sad Funerals

We recently attended 2 funerals of ladies who had heard the gospel and unexpectedly died. One had accepted prayer for healing in Jesus, recovered, and then gone to Kilwa – an Islamic withchdoctor stronghold – where she died unexpectedly. The other was for Binti O who suddenly collapsed and died. A few days prior to Binti O’s death, I had been prompted by the Holy Spirit to again share the gospel of Jesus Christ and exhort her to respond because I loved her as my mother and no one knows the number of their days. She thanked me, but never personally responded. Pray that God would redeem the hopelessness and darkness of these 2 funerals to drive our dearly loved neighbors to light and hope in Jesus Christ!

Tragic Rites

Little 11 year old A, who plays with our daughter after school from time to time, has her ‘ngoma’ this weekend – the coming of age 2-day ceremony which culminates in her being removed from the home where she has been sequestered for teaching in the feminine arts and paraded, on shoulders, naked with just a cloth draped over her waist. Then she must dance to display her comeliness for all eyes to see (threatened with shame & a beating if she doesn’t). After this her family is free to receive marriage proposals from the highest bidder. Ironically A will don her headscarf and go back to school on Monday. I weep for the children here that lose their childhood, their innocence far too young. Pray for them to know the Savior who said, “Let the little children come unto me…” Pray that when they come to know the Savior these rites of passage would be redeemed to glorify God in their celebration of Biblical manhood and womanhood!

Peace and Calm to the Child

Praise God that Mama F accepted prayer for healing in Jesus name for her little 4 year old daughter who was convulsing and foaming at the mouth one night. Praise God that He answered immediately by bringing peace & calm over the child. Another seeker who was there, Mama S, confessed afterward she believed all that she heard spoken & prayed & is a Christian now! Another woman who was there, Mama N, now wants to join in on the weekly prayer and storying time with the other ladies! Praise God! Pray for faith in Jesus that endures for the Swahili!

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