New villages

The Catalyst Team identified 20 more Matumbi villages that they want to start new discipleship groups in in the next few months. When this happens then approximately half of all the Matumbi villages will have discipleship groups meeting regularly! Ask the Lord to go before and prepare many hearts to seek Him.

Movement growing!

Just in the last few months there has been some incredible growth! There are 3 new discipleship groups that have been started in 3 new villages! One of these groups was started by a man named Ibu that Sadi and Masi have been mentoring and coaching. The other 2 groups were started by 2 men that Ibu has since trained. There are a total of at least 40 new believers in all 3 groups combined! Other exciting news is that the original 7 groups that were started last year have been growing as well. There are now over 200 Matumbi believers in all groups combined and there are 8 new leaders being trained! Pray for these new believers and leaders to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord and to abide in Jesus daily.

100 audio players

Praise God for 100 audio players loaded with our Bible story set in the Matumbi language. These players can be a great resource for those that can’t read and for groups to listen to God’s Word together. Pray for the distribution of these player and teaching people how to use them for Bible study. Pray for many to believe God’s word and be saved!

Freedom of the Children of God

The Matumbi have several evangelists who are sharing the gospel and making disciples through home Bible studies in many villages in the hills. In the past the Matumbi have been committed to Islam. They also have sought witchdoctors and have had much bondage to evil spirits. Pray for their deliverance from all that binds them into the freedom of the children of God.

Blessings on the evangelists!

Please pray for Augustine, Sadi and Masi as they visit the 7 discipleship groups over the next few days to encourage the new believers and assess how they are doing.  Pray that the Lord would continue to raise up Matumbi disciple-makers that would catalyze a movement throughout the Matumbi hills and beyond.

Catalyst team growing and going

The Catalyst team met again two weeks ago. They made plans to start training others from within the groups to go out to nine other villages with the goal of sharing the Gospel and starting new discipleship groups. Three other Matumbi men will be joining the next Catalyst team meeting in January, who have shown leadership potential and who attended the discipleship trainings we facilitated. We hope to be able to provide ongoing encouragement, accountability, and training/coaching for them. Please pray for Augustine as he leads these meetings for the next few months.

Pray for unity

We heard some discouraging news that the 4 denominational churches have stopped meeting together for prayer. Pray for the unity of the local churches to be strengthened again and for these church leaders to be instruments to unite the Body of Christ instead of dividing it.


Augustine and I recently met with Masi and Sadi and were able to get a detailed update from them. It was so encouraging to hear that the different discipleship groups are growing and the one that Masi started in the village that had no known believers has more than quadrupled since June, going from 7 to now 32, all from a Muslim background. This is the same village where he was poisoned and he continues to go weekly to disciple this group despite the many challenges. Pray for these new believers to grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for them. Pray they are empowered by the Holy Spirit to be bold witnesses of the new life they have found in Christ.

You prayed…He answered

On Sep 25, 2018 you prayed for this request: “We are in the testing phase of our stories. Last month I was able to meet with groups in 3 different locations and get feedback for our stories. In November we are hoping to have the stories available on memory cards. Pray for us as we make the changes we need and final recordings over the next two months. May God’s Word move with power among the Matumbi people!” And God answered: “Praise Jesus! We finished recording all 18 of our stories last week with our crafting team. This week we will be distributing the 50 memory cards and 12 solar players that we have. This was a project we started in 2015 with our team and it is exciting to see it through to this phase of distribution.”