Jesus Film

On November 12 the Matumbi version of the Jesus Film will be shown publicly for the first time in a Muslim village. Please pray for protection from the Lord for all the logistics. Pray that many people will come see the life of Jesus, and hear the invitation to receive Him by faith. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work powerfully to overcome any obstacles, and that many people will come to Christ this night.

Stories finished and being distributed!

Praise Jesus! We finished recording all 18 of our stories last week with our crafting team. This week we will be distributing the 50 memory cards and 12 solar players that we have. This was a project we started in 2015 with our team and it is exciting to see it through to this phase of distribution. Please pray with us that these stories would be listened to by many and spread far and wide among the Matumbi Hills. Pray that the leaders of the discipleship groups would be able to use the stories as they learn from the Bible together in their groups.


Ministry during planting season

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to encourage Sadi and the believers in his village during this planting time. Pray their love for one another and their unity in the Spirit would continue to grow during this farming season. Pray for Masi as he continues to lead his groups during this season as many are not able to meet regularly. Overall please pray for the Presence of God to increase among the Matumbi and that many will turn to the Lord.

Story Project

We are in the testing phase of our stories. Last month I was able to meet with groups in 3 different locations and get feedback for our stories. A highlight for me was being able to travel to one of the villages with two ladies who I’ve invested in much this last year and hearing them explain the stories to the group we met with. Many people loved listening to the stories and expressed interest in knowing more about the Word of God saying, “These stories are important!” and “We need to listen to them again to really learn them!” In November we are hoping to have the stories available on memory cards so that people can do just that! Pray for us as we make the changes we need and final recordings over the next two months. May God’s Word move with power among the Matumbi people!

God is building His church

God is at work and continues to draw people to Himself. We are praising God that the groups of believers have continued to meet despite the various challenges they face and that there has been some recent growth. The group Masi is leading in the village where he was poisoned has a new person that has joined in the last couple weeks! This is also the village that had no known believers before this group was started.

Please continue to pray for these groups to continue to grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for them. Please pray for their protection, especially for those who are leading.

Story Project

This month will be full of testing stories with 3 groups in different areas of the Matumbi hills. My friend and story crafter Mama B is eager to help with this step in the process. Pray for her this month as we again spend many hours in the Word together, that she would see clearly the TRUTH and LIFE found only in Jesus. Pray for the groups that come together to hear the Word—that God would prepare the soil of the hearts of people who will listen.

Faith to face the cost

Pray for protection and perseverance for the new believers and leaders of the groups. We know from early church history as well as current movements around the world that persecution and suffering are a reality as Christ is building His church. The believers here face a great cost of causing division in their families and in their communities. Pray that whole families would come to faith together! Pray that these believers would be able to say, “But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.” (Heb. 10:39)

They can kill my body but not my spirit!

On Sunday “Masi” went to the “Pg” village where he is discipling a small group of new believers. Someone attempted to take his life by putting rat poison in his food. He said that as he ate the food he could taste the poison so he stopped eating it and left for home. Soon after he left he started to feel very sick. He came to a place where there was water and started guzzling as fast as he could. He then cried out to God for help and started to throw up. After some time he started to feel a bit better and was able to make it back to his house. Praise God He was totally fine by the next morning! He shared that he is not afraid and though they can kill his body they cannot kill his spirit. He is determined to continue to go back to that village to disciple these new believers. Pray for the Lord’s protection and blessing on Masi, and for conviction of sin on whoever tried to poison him.


“In the last week there have been at least 4 more believers from the unity team in the “Nm” village that have gone out to different areas to find open people to share the gospel with. This team of over 70 has been praying weekly for the last few months asking the Holy Spirit to fill them and lead them where He wants them to go.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will give them boldness and lead them to the people that He has prepared. Also please remember to be praying for protection for all the new believers and groups and that they would grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for them.

Something is happening

Praise God for the new thing He is doing among many Matumbi. He has delivered many from the kingdom of darkness and brought them into the kingdom of His dear Son. Pray for the leaders and new believers to grow in faith and be protected from the schemes of the Enemy.