Someone to go

Pray that Christians will go to the Kachipo and share the Gospel with them so they have the opportunity to hear of and call upon Jesus to be their Saviour (Romans 10)

Following His Call

Praise God for answered prayers! Upon his request, John has been released  from his role in the S. Sudan government. This frees him up to follow what he believes is God’s call on his life: to translate the Bible into his people’s heart language: Suri (also known as Kachipo).

Pray for him and the team as they plan and start translating the Bible. Pray for unity, grace to learn together, and the necessary preparations needed.


Hope at Easter

As Easter comes, pray that the Kachipo will come to know the One who died for their sins and wants to give them new, full life (John 14:6). Pray that they would place their hope in Christ alone.

Soft hearts

Pray that the Kachipo will have soft hearts when the Gospel is preached to them, and that they will believe in the Son and have eternal life (John 3:36)

Gospel fruit and growth

Pray that the Gospel goes among the Kachipo, bears fruit and grows, just as it has been doing around the world. Pray for a church to be planted, and grow so that it will spread the Gospel to the surrounding communities.

Hearts of God’s Love

Pray that the Lord would direct the Kachipo’s hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ (2 Thessalonians 3:5) and that they would bow their knees before Him and worship.

Any news would be good news

The Kachipo are on our hearts and in our prayers, but so little information is getting through to us for prayer updates. The Lord knows them and loves them. Pray He would send laborers into this harvest field.

No news is good news?

The old saying that ‘No news is good news’ doesn’t necessarily ring true in this land. As we have no one in this area to report about this unreached people group, we can only imagine what is happening there. The country is in desperate need of prayer as it teeters on the brink of returning to full scale war, and so this area and people group are needing us to lift them up to the Lord. May He make Himself known among them, that they would hear some good news, that of salvation in Jesus Christ alone, in amongst all the daily bad news that permeates South Sudan.