Jesus film

After so many years of delays, cancellations and postponements, the Jesus film in O
has been dubbed, and is due to be having the final review later in July. Pray for all final details to go well, and that much fruit and response will come through the use of this new tool for our team.


Our O teammates are expecting a baby any day. Pray for safe labor and delivery and a strong healthy baby and Mama at the end. Support this couple with prayer for protection from all the schemes of our enemy and the powers of this dark world – Jake and Saidi have such effective and good outreach that some of the community are demanding they be stopped from sharing.

Intense prayer needed

There seems to be a stronger hardness against Jesus right within our own village people and closest communities. They respond so differently from those coming from outside communities – perhaps they have been freshly warned by the religious leaders. Pray for God’s mercy and grace to be poured out, and to DRAW MANY to Jesus! Pray for more strong prayer supporters and faithful and intense prayers in Jesus name and authority, against those rulers and powers of this dark world that want to keep the people here in bondage and darkness!


Each of our team shares the gospel regularly. Pray that hard and resistant hearts would soften and be drawn by God to respond & receive Jesus as Lord and Savior- becoming strong disciples who would make more disciples…

Upcoming AICMD missionary conference

Pray for me as I speak at the missionary conference and interact with our AIC missionary colleagues. Pray for wisdom and anointing from the Holy Spirit and for fresh vision, renewal and encouragement for all who are reaching out among the O, and in many other UPG‘s and challenging ministries all across Kenya.


Drought threatens again. Pray with us that God will provide for all the physical and spiritual needs of the people, and draw many to Jesus!

Neighbors’ needs

A key young man from S’s family, who we’ve been reaching out to for regular teaching, has big changes coming as he was selected for a county position and has gone for training and an uncertain assignment location following that. Pray that God will put people in his path who will inspire his continuing to seek truth and embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior. Continue to pray for Gail’s complete healing from Lupus (same family)- she’s doing great physically and spiritually right now.

What’s it gonna take?

Pray for so many O who have heard and are hearing God‘s word regularly – that their hearts may be pierced, drawn and convicted by the Holy Spirit, and they too would ask, “what must we do to be saved?“ Pray that many would respond to the Good News of God‘s grace through Jesus, rather than their attempts at pleasing him through good works.

Breakthrough prayer

Pray for a breakthrough of God’s Spirit convicting, drawing and opening many O eyes to see and really perceive, their ears to hear, and their hearts to understand and turn and be healed! May God draw many O to become strong disciples of Jesus who will make more disciples – starting a Disciple Making Movement in O-land!


Our hearts’ desire and prayer for the O is that they may be saved. We can testify about them that many of them are zealous for God – but their zeal is not based on knowledge. Since they do not know the righteousness of God (through Jesus), they seek to establish their own, and so they do not submit to God’s righteousness. Christ (the Messiah) is the fulfillment of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes. Pray that many O will submit to God’s Gift of Salvation and Righteousness through Jesus the Messiah!


Pray for Lasting Fruit from a wonderful 5 days of Kids Club with so much Gospel truth shared to over 200 kids! May the kids remember their memory verses, and many of them share with their families & bring about Response! Pray breakthrough prayers for us & our AIC team – for a breakthrough of God’s Spirit drawing many O to become strong disciples of Jesus who will make more disciples – starting that Disciple Making Movement in O-land!

Bible translation

Pray that Bible translation work will be blessed and empowered by God, with accuracy and good natural flow in the O language. Pray for O and J, the main translators, that they and their wives will be strong in the Lord. The Jesus film in O has been delayed over and over- pray against the powers of this dark world that work and scheme to keep the O in bondage and darkness! May God’s Word go forward with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction!

Kids club

We have Kids Club plans for 5 days out of the next two weeks. It’s the first time since corona. Pray that the kids (possibly up to 200) may hear and understand the good news and that many will come into God’s kingdom of light. And that they will experience God’s love in the process, and have a lot of fun!!!

Thank you for praying

We’ve now had two great meetings with groups of this family we asked you to pray for. Pray that God would work powerfully to draw them. This is the same group that after reading the story of Jesus healing the paralytic who was carried to him by his 4 faith filled friends and lowered before Jesus in the full house, the young man said, “I have learned a lesson from this story, Jesus is God!!“ Then the grandma piped in, “Why don’t we ask Jesus to heal Gail (granddaughter who was diagnosed with Lupus last year and has severe polyarthritis) completely, and we four who are sitting here will be Jesus’ witnesses!“

We prayed in the name, power and authority of Jesus. Pray with us for Gail’s complete healing! And the group’s salvation and witness! Gail is a bit better today – we had increased her steroid dose, and we continue to pray with perseverance for complete healing!

Targeted for Good News.

We have a meeting set up tonight with a young man and his family who God has led us to target to share good news with. Pray that they will not fear! Pray that the young man will invite several of his age mates to join him, as well as his family. Pray that the Holy Spirit would empower our words and our time to be the beginning of much lasting fruit!

Healing and drawing

A woman (A) is dangerously ill with preeclampsia in her 24th week of pregnancy. She’s the leader of the occultic worship in our village, and her husband (U) and extended family are very resistant and hard hearted to the gospel, and to adhering to medical treatments! Pray that God’s unfailing love will draw her and her extended family (including a chief and some very influential people) through His healing power and grace, to COME TO JESUS, and be His vessels in leading others to Jesus’ saving grace!

New believer

Pastor Guyo reports that they have a new believer coming for regular meetings. His wife has also been coming for some teaching. Pray that the wife will also believe and that they will both grow and share their faith boldly and wisely to make more disciples!

Christmas opportunities

Pray for all the planned Christmas sharing, meals and hospitality to be received and responded to -that a breakthrough of a disciple making movement may begin in O land!

Raining and reigning

Praise the Lord with us that the rains have come to O-land, the grass is growing and the animals have food to eat. Many animals have died because of the drought – Pray that the economy will improve and God will continue to provide for the physical needs, as well as a spiritual outpouring that they would receive Jesus to reign in their hearts!

Follow up on young O patient

G is back home and we PTL for healing from the acute medication reaction, and a solid diagnosis to help us with her long term treatment. Pray that her young and timid faith will keep growing and spread to her mom, grandma, uncle, grandpa and her whole extended family as a catalyst for our community to respond to Jesus’ invitation to come and follow Him!

Family units to believe together.

Cal is a young O believer who we’ve prayed for in the past. He’s been stagnant in his faith after marrying a Muslim wife, but recently he told us he’s been sharing with her and she’s also become a follower. He’s also been faithful in 3 recent Bible studies, and encouraged his wife to follow up with us as well as studying with him. Pray that their faith grows strong and deep, and spreads among their extended family too.

Drought-Pray for humble and wholehearted repentance.

The drought continues – and gets more and more serious here as each day passes without rain! Animals are weak and dying. We pray from 2nd Chronicles 7:13-14 that people really would humble themselves and turn (repent) from their sin, especially that of not receiving God’s gift of grace through Jesus! May there be a spiritual breakthrough here, and may God have mercy to send the rain (physical and spiritual!) Our team is still in the midst of a second distribution of food and this has also brought many opportunities to share. May all the seeds sink in and find that good soil in many hearts!

Healing and growth

A 15 year old girl was sent to the mission hospital after a severe reaction to a treatment. Pray for physical healing, and that she’ll hear more Good News as she’s there and solidify her young belief and grow to maturity.


A woman came asking for prayer to help her “illness” of evil spirits. Five followers of Jesus circled her with Good News and prayer. G prayed to accept Jesus as her Savior, Healer and Deliverer. We then used Jesus authority to pray for her to be set free and healed. Pray for G to grow in her faith and walk in full freedom in Christ. We’re supposed to meet her again today (Thursday).

God’s drawing

Pray for M, a new O Community Health Worker who is getting much prayer and exposure to the Gospel- may God draw her and her extended family to Jesus as His strong disciples who would be used to make more disciples!


God’s drawing: Pray for M, a new O Community Health Worker who is getting much prayer and exposure to the Gospel- may God draw her and her extended family to Jesus as His strong disciples who would be used to make more disciples!

Breakthrough prayer: Growing!

A big encouragement through O MBB team-mates Y&S beginning work in a new village! May the Holy Spirit pour in and through them with the wisdom and power of the message of the Messiah and the cross! Pray for breakthrough response- that God will make things grow!

Drawing many O.

May God the Father draw and enable many O to come to Jesus in response to all the Gospel seeds that are being sown regularly! John 6:44 & 65

Miracles, boldness, and the Holy Spirit filling

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your Word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.”
‭‭Acts‬ ‭4:29-31‬ ‭NIV


May God call and equip long-term mission-minded nurses to join our outreach team – we need one more Kenyan and 2 ex-pats. The medical ministry brings so many opportunities for deep relationship building and sharing the Good News, and Jesus’ power, authority and saving grace! Though it seems impossible, let’s ask God even for 2 O Christian disciples of Jesus as nurses for our two dispensaries.

Discipleship groups

So many O have heard the gospel, and many even express much interest. It is such a challenge to get them to actually meet regularly for discipleship or more study. Pray that two men of peace who are welcoming, would be instrumental in starting 1-2 new groups for regular study of God’s Word, and may the Father draw them to choose response and obedience to become faithful disciples of Jesus.

Wedding seeds

A mission family had a big Christian village wedding celebration for their last born. So much was shared throughout the weeks of preparation, the wedding day and the follow up – pray that the seeds and relationships will bear lasting fruit and many O will be drawn to respond and receive Jesus!

A grieving hilltop

The village mosque sits atop the highest point in the town. Two related big family groups who live closest to the mosque have both lost beloved loved ones in drawn out illnesses in the last six weeks- a 44 year old mother and a 54 year old father. Pray that all the effects of this and the sharing surrounding it will shine God‘s love, compassion and saving grace through Jesus – that even this hardest of times may be used to convict peoples hearts of their need for Jesus as Savior and Lord!

Breakthrough prayer

“Father, these O hearts have remained hard and resistant for way too long. Pour out your spirit to convict their hearts and draw them into responding and receiving salvation through Jesus, by your grace, and by their faith, as your gift. Oh how they love gifts! May many O. receive this best gift ever and become your strong disciples! In Jesus name!“


So many O have made a profession of faith in Jesus, then as persecutions mount in the months that follow, they backslide and turn back. Pray that God would bring a group of O believers to come to Him together in genuine faith, to stand firm against all the schemes of our enemy the devil, to be strong disciples who will love and serve their master whole heartedly and they would make more disciples of Jesus. Pray God would start this ball rolling, and draw even these backsliders back to Himself!

Translation couple

One of our strong and faithful O believers is doing the work of Bible translation. His wife has struggled so much after receiving Jesus as Savior, but then wanting to please her family – turning back and forth and back and forth. Ask that God would strengthen ‘Kadie’ as she has now moved to a new area away from her family to be with her husband in his translation work. May she find a sister to walk with and encourage her there in the Lord. May her faith be genuine, and she become strong in the Lord, ever more in love with Jesus as her Savior. And may their husband-wife relationship be strong, deep and growing.

Kay’s husband

Kay’s husband asked her why she was not fasting. She responded by reading with him John chapter 10 about Jesus being the Good Shepherd. She told him that since God had already provided this wonderful gift for her through her Good Shepherd, she can fast anytime she wants as praise and thanksgiving to God for this gift. She told him she’s praying for him to also receive this wonderful gift. He was very angry and didn’t speak to her all evening. But the next day he seemed normal again. Pray for wisdom and grace for Kay as she lets her light shine, and pray for her husband and extended family to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Medical ministry opportunities

For the O. Pray for J and M, a Muslim teacher who engaged with a gospel presentation sharing time for an hour as IV fluids dripped into his sick wife, who was also listening and asking questions from her bed. Pray that the Holy Spirit would use these seeds, and so many like them to penetrate and enlighten peoples’ hearts, and draw them to respond by receiving Jesus’ love and saving grace!

Year of response

“O Lord, open the blinded eyes, give life to the deadened hearts, that they may see, understand, turn and be healed by You.” May 2021 be the year of response, and a movement of people coming to know Jesus as Savior!


S, a man newly diagnosed with diabetes, has been open to listen to God’s Word. Pray that his fear will cause him to turn to Jesus, to embrace God’s grace in all of its truth.