The Datooga of Tanzania

Pray for the Datooga of Central Tanzania. They are a large group of former nomads, who have now settled and farm and keep animals. They are proud of their culture and see no reason to change. Few children go to school and illiteracy is common. The Datooga are animists, and communicate with their ancestors through the spirits.

Pray the Datooga would see that, “The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. But the way of the wicked is like deep darkness, they do not know what makes them stumble.” Proverbs 4:18-19

There are Datooga believers and some have gone to Bible school. Pray they would be strong in the Lord and anointed evangelists. There are Bible stories being translated and shared. Pray this will bear much fruit. Ask the Lord to continue to build His church among the Datooga.

Population: 200,000

Location and Background: Datooga is the name of the large group to which the Barabaig and Taturu belong— there are possibly 16 groups or clans. They were formerly nomadic but now most farm as well as keep animals. Although scattered across Tanzania, their homeland seems to be near the sacred mountain Mt Hanang, which is an important theme in their songs and myths.

History: The Datooga are highland Nilotics who it is thought came down from southern Sudan or Ethiopia about 3000 years ago. About 1500 years ago they split into two groups—the Kalenjin who stayed in Kenya, and the Datooga who continued south to Tanzania.

Culture: Cattle are by far their most important animal though they also keep goats, sheep, donkeys and chickens. They also now grow maize, millet, and beans. They live simply, and everyone who is not a Datooga is a “mswahili” (other people). They are a proud people and see no reason to change. The Datooga have distinctive body markings, whether scars or burn markings or elongated ear lobes. They love wearing beads. Polygamy is widely accepted where wives are ranked in order of marriage, and women are required to work tirelessly for the  family. School attendance is sporadic amongst the children and illiteracy common

Religion: The Datooga respect and fear their ancestors, and communicate with them through the spirits, so witchcraft and sorcery is rampant. They believe in a distant creator God named Aseeta who has twin sons who will come to rule and judge the world some day. The Datooga will be recognized by their distinctive dress and jewelry and will then be taken to heaven. They have many rituals, including worshipping at a special tree, or going to the mountains to call on the ancestors. Burial rituals can last for weeks or even months where they slaughter cows and consume alcohol and erect shelters for the dead.

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Latest Prayer Updates:

Sitting Around the Fire at Night

Traditionally at the end of the day Datooga families will gather in their homesteads and share the news of the day or tell stories before retiring for the night. Currently a small group of believers are working on a Chronological Bible Story set, crafting Bible stories in the Datooga language. This project aims to have the stories accessible to the Datooga in their heart language. Pray for those involved in the project – for those involved in crafting of the stories – that they reflect God’s message of salvation in a way that engages with the Datooga people. Also pray for a desire in the hearts of the Datooga people to be willing to listen to the stories and to respond to the gospel message- may they know God’s love for them.

Following the Good Shepherd

Pray that as the Datooga follow their flocks and herds, they will learn about Jesus, the good shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep. Pray that those who can read will regularly share Scripture with those who can’t.

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