Share Christ Consistently

Please pray for the Zaramo believers to share Christ consistently with their families, neighbours and friends. Pray for the Zaramo church to grow and multiply, and that in every way it will be centered on Jesus Christ.

Abundant Life

Please pray that the Zaramo people will recognise that all the things they have been seeking to try to fill the emptiness in their hearts and lives are useless, and that they will hear the invitation of Christ to come to Him for abundant life.

Drawn in Faith

Please pray that as the team of Christians among the Zaramo celebrates Christmas with their friends and neighbours, that those who are hearing the gospel for the first time will not fear persecution or suffering but will be drawn in faith to the Saviour.

Reflecting Jesus’ Glory

Praise the Lord that the Zaramo are made in His image, and therefore have the capacity to glorify God. Pray that those who come to know the Lord Jesus Christ will reflect His glory as they read and meditate on Scripture. Pray that they will bring light into the darkness, and others will also be saved.

The Meaning of Life

Please pray that the Lord will cause many Zaramo to be asking themselves what is the meaning of life, and that the Lord will raise up Christians to share that all things are from, through, and for Christ. May many Zaramo embrace Him as their joy and their salvation.

As Lights In The World

Pray that in those Zaramo villages where there is not yet any witness of Christ, Christians will be sent to share the gospel. Pray that Zaramo Christians will live as children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked generation, among whom they shine as lights in the world.

No Other Name

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to give the Zaramo a recognition of their own sinfulness and God’s holiness. Pray that they will realise that all their works of “righteousness” are like filthy rags. Pray that they will hear and believe that there is no other name than Jesus whereby they can be saved, and that He who knew no sin became sin for them, so they could receive the righteousness of God through Him.

Victory Over Evil Spirits

The Zaramo people practice a mix of Islam and animism. Pray that Jesus will show that He has power over evil spirits, and that only those who put their trust in Him will never be afraid. Pray that Christians will boldly proclaim the victory of Jesus Christ over all evil spirits.

He Has Overcome The World

Pray that the Zaramo will find that even though in the world they have tribulation, Jesus brings good cheer and has overcome the world. Pray that they will follow Him as their Prince of Peace.

May Christ-Centered Churches Spring Up

Please pray for God’s continuing work among the Zaramo. Pray for those who are Christian and living among them to have a bold and fearless witness, coupled with love and compassion for the lost. Pray for Christ-centered churches to spring up. Pray for more missionaries to be raised up to go work among them.