Strong church to offer growth

There are several Toposa boys who are in Torit for secondary school – pray they would grow in their faith while they have a strong church in Torit around them and that they would be able to share their faith with their classmates throughout the school year.

Stand firm

Pray that the believers who know the Lord among the Toposa will not fear the reproach of men (Isaiah 51:7-8), but will stand firm on the Word of God and live out their faith boldly in their communities.

Open their eyes

The Toposa were created for a great purpose in the Kingdom of God. Pray that one day they will be able to see that they were created by God like clay formed by a potter’s hand (Isaiah 64:8).

Ending cattle raiding

Cattle raiding (stealing cattle from another group) is a frequent practice among the Toposa and their neighbours, and often this practice claims lives on both sides of the fight. Pray that the Gospel will come to those who have never heard it and that practices like cattle raiding will be ended.

Young Toposa believer

Pray for E., a young Toposa believer who wants to spread the Gospel with his community. Pray that he will continue to grow in his faith and walk with Christ as he seeks to live a life based on the Truth of Bible.

Centre for the church

Pray for Magas to be a centre for the church, to be established by E. L., and believers to take the Gospel to the villages surrounding that area.

Provision for all

Pray that the Toposa would know their Lord and Savior is the ultimate provider. Pray for rain and provision of food and health for the animals.

2 Thessalonians 3:16

Now may the Lord of peace himself give the Toposa and the missionaries working amongst them peace at all times in every way: both physical peace with their neighbours and spiritual peace with God. The Lord be with them all, drawing them into His presence (2 Thessalonians 3:16)

Communications to share the Gospel

Pray for phone network to return to the area and believers in Kapoeta to continue to share the Gospel to each village. There is a strong group of youth focused on this currently.

Sharing the Gospel with soft hearts

Pray for the few believers among the Toposa – that they hold fast to the Truth of God’s Word and share that Truth with their neighbours, friends, and family. Pray for soft hearts of those who hear the Gospel so that they will receive the Good News that is shared with them.

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