Reaching Tanala

Pray for Dories and his wife Alphossin. This young Malagasy couple moved to our area to preach the Gospel! Dories really wants to work together with me, which is a huge encouragement. Pray for God’s blessing on their ministry. Pray for the Christians who already...

Hunger for the Good News

Thank God for the hunger for the Good News. People love the Bible stories. Pray they fully understand and experience that knowing Jesus means a release of bonds. We are going to visit new villages. Pray for open hearts to receive the message.

May the kings bow to the King

The kings of the villages are having a hard time with the Gospel. They know that it means a different way of living. Many of the ancestor aspects of their culture cannot be reconciled with the Gospel. Yet the kings are vital when it comes to making decisions. Pray the...

Death and Discouragement

In less than 2 weeks, eight people have died in the village where Melias, the Malagasy missionary, ministers among the Tanala. Four of them were believers and leaders of the new church. The others were their relatives. Pray for the encouragement of the believers and...

Story translation and vegetables

Praise God for two Christian Tanala, Maman’i Prisca and Menja, who are helping the missionaries settle well and are eager to work together for the gospel. Menja is working with the missionary to translate Bible stories into the Tanala language. This shows that...

Pray for fruit

Pray for Mama Prisca and Menza, local believers, to be bold witnesses. Pray the people of Maroamboka and the surrounding villages would have open hearts, eager to hear the Good News.