Portions of Scripture

A number of S. Asian friends have received portions of Scripture, devotionals or Bibles. Please pray that they and others in their homes will read and be drawn to Christ through the powerful Word of God. Pray that as they have questions, they will feel free to ask their Christian friends to explain and teach them more. Pray for a deep hunger for relationship with God and eternal life.

Seeking First His Kingdom

A S. Asian family who were formerly Hindu have walked through difficult times financially. Please pray that as they faithfully walk with Jesus Christ and seek first His kingdom, all that they need will be added to them. Pray that He will display His greatness and glory in their lives, and that they will not lose heart.

A Day At the Hospital

An all-day visit to a mission hospital with a father and mother who were worried about their precious 21 year old daughter provided opportunities to discuss prominently displayed Scripture, share the gospel, pray together, and receive blessings through the kind, helpful behaviour of the Christian medical personnel. Please pray that this very Muslim family will continue to grow more and more open to knowing the one true God through Jesus Christ whom He has sent.

Her Tests Came Back Clear

Praise God that a S. Asian woman who thought she needed surgery had all her tests come back clear. She is saying this is an answer to prayer. Praise God for her continuing interest in spiritual things and her desire that others in her family would learn about Jesus. Pray for regular scheduled times to continue reading the book of Luke together.

Unexplained Pain*

Please pray for a S. Asian young woman who has had unexplained pain in her right side for two weeks. All medical tests come back clear. Much prayer has been offered for her healing in Jesus’ name and she and her family are listening to the gospel with more openness and hunger than ever before. Pray for the salvation of the large entire Muslim family, and for the young woman’s healing.

She Seems To Recognise the Difference

Thank you for continuing to pray for the Muslim widow who is reading Luke and “learning to love Jesus.” Recently she seemed to begin to understand that all other religions are basically about which good works should be done, but Christians are sharing a message that God came and provided salvation for us through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Pray for this truth to cause her to reject any system that promotes works-righteousness and declare that all her faith is in Jesus for her salvation.

Two Deaths in a Week

My Muslim S. Asian neighbours had another family member die Tuesday. That is two funerals in a week. I am begging the One who sees from His throne to use these griefs to soften their hearts, give them a deep fear of death, and make them dissatisfied with the explanations they hear. May He reveal which family members’ hearts are becoming more receptive, more willing to look elsewhere for answers to the questions of life and death. May they initiate conversations that show they are hungering and thirsting for His righteousness.

Through Her Adult Children

A widowed Muslim lady has great concern for her adult children who are secular and worldly. Recently she has begun reading the Bible. Now her son has told her that he read the Bible in school, as well as other religious books. Her daughter and grandchildren were recently spared in what could have a been a very serious traffic accident. Please pray that each of her children will also be seeking–and finding–the Lord while she does, and that as a family they may come to faith in Christ.

As She Struggles With MS

Please pray for the salvation of a S. Asian woman who has been diagnosed with MS. Pray that she will ask her Christian friends to pray for her again, since through their prayers she had a dramatic reversal some time ago. Pray that she will realise medicine is limited, science is imperfect, but Jesus never fails.

He Read All Three In High School

Please pray for a young S. Asian man who read parts of the Quran, the Bible and Sanskrit when he was a student in high school. He is nominally Muslim. Pray that, now with a Bible in his house, he will read it again and be saved. Pray for the salvation of his widowed mother, who lives with him and is also interested.

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