Great Commission vision

Being a place held by racial/tribal/clan tensions, the increasing number of Arab refugees has not been welcomed by most of the local community. Yet it’s been beautiful to see some sweet opportunities for the brothers to tear down those walls and create bridges as they seek to serve and reach out to the Arab community, and in doing so, catching some of the vision of Matt 28 as well! Pray for a great harvest.

Learning to trust

In the past, the local brothers have struggled with unity because of distrust. But many are coming together weekly now and learning to operate more and more as the body and wanting to grow together. And the sisters who were never meeting are now doing the same! We rejoice in this and ask for continued unity, trust, and growth among the body.

Big ask!

Some local workers have felt led to ask for 100 new brothers and sisters for the month of August. This may be a place and people historically known for seeing slow movement and little fruit, but that doesn’t keep us from being expectant and asking big as we remember the One who is able! Ask for an outpouring of the HS over this nation and people. Blind eyes opened to see, deaf ears opened to hear, closed minds opened to understand, hardened hearts softened to believe and receive.

May seeds germinate and grow!

During Ramadan, there were many seeds of truth planted. Pray that the Lord would cause them to germinate, grow, and produce much fruit! Pray for new believers to be given grace to walk in a way worthy of the Lord.

A Sudden Jump

Praise God that a Christian Somali website that normally gets 2000 visits in a month had over 15,000 visits last month! People are responding to a song about Jesus that had been advertised on Facebook. Please pray that many more Somalis will listen to the song and that the Lord will speak to them. Pray many will put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Dangerous Doctrines

Recently, a heresy brought from Korea is approaching the Somali believers; their teaching makes them very confused. Some Christians are trying to help them to understand what the Bible says. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to the Somali believers, so that they won’t be enticed by the heresy.

Unified in Fellowship

Please pray for many Somali to come to faith in Christ and confess Him openly. Pray also for those who are believers to be unified in their fellowship and faith, and that the deep love of Christ in and through them will overflow to each other and to unbelievers.

Her Child Is Sick

Pray for a Somali woman who has a sick child in a Christian hospital. She is considering the claims of Christ and watching the behaviour of the Christians there. Pray that they will love her well and that through this crisis she will put her faith in Jesus Christ as her God and Saviour.

Gospel is the power of God

Ask that the Somali believers would not be ashamed of the gospel but would remember and know it is the power of God for salvation to all who believe. Pray that each would know who to declare the gospel to and for the courage to obey.

Needing Courage

Pray for courage for the isolated believers. Ask that they would be increasingly aware of the presence of Christ and walk by the Spirit.

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