Two very intelligent Somali ladies were witnessed to multiple times, but instead of accepting the Good News threw themselves into Islamic studies. Please pray they will be disappointed by what they find, and their hearts will want Jesus.

Veil Removed

Please pray the veil will be taken from the Somalis’ eyes, that they will see the truth that is only in Jesus, and will be enabled to break out of the cycle of fear of losing their community.

Who Was The Baby

I had the opportunity to watch ‘The Nativity’ with some students. They were quite interested and asked questions about the movie. I briefly explained who this Baby was, and that He came to save people….! May God work in their hearts continually and may they be saved!

Prayer in the Name of Jesus

A Christian man taught a Somali student who was very sick to pray to Jesus; he wrote down some prayers for him and asked the student to pray in the name of Jesus.The student said he did it. The student always asks us to pray for him and he feels our prayers are ‘working’! Pray God will speak to him through these prayers and heal him-mind, body, and soul.

Pray the Doors Will Open

Please pray for 2 Christian resident doctors who desire to do their cross-cultural internships among the Somalis but as of right now the doors seem to be closed. Pray the Lord will open the door and that these doctors would share their faith boldly and find many open hearts.

You prayed…He answered

On Sep 23, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Thank God we have two peace-makers who are willing to work with us in the community. Pray for Far’sa and Far’ya, who want to help their people with English classes, workshops, children programs etc. Pray for their salvation and our partnership. May God use all these activities to show Somali people His love, grace and salvation.” And God answered: “We thank God one of the Peace-makers, Far’sa, is still willing to work with us. Please pray for her salvation.  Besides English classes and children activities, I have two students who are interested in learning massage skills and some students want to do exercise together.” Praise the Lord.

A Good Outcome

Please pray for the father of a girl who was treated at the hospital, had a wonderful outcome, and made friends with some missionaries at the hospital. He returned shortly afterwards to have an eye surgery himself. A smile was on his face, he was willing to interact with the missionary, and one could see an openness on his contenance. Pray that the Lord finds his heart. They came all the way from Somalia.

When to Reveal his Faith

Please pray for the new Somali believer who is a language teacher. He became a believer in August. We are praying that he will know how to conduct himself, and when and how to reveal his faith to his family.

A Challenging Seminar

Please pray that in our next Kairos course at a Christian hospital (challenging people to reach out in missions to the unreached) the Lord will place the desire to serve and witness to the Somalis on the hearts of some of the trainees. The course will run November 29-Dec 5.


Please pray that the Lord will break the barriers that exist amongst Kenyans towards Somalis. They are the unwilling hosts for the Somalis who have come to Kenya. We pray this for the staff members at our hospital. The Somalis need to experience the love of Christ from His people.