Healing For a Young Somali Woman of Influence

Please pray for a young Somali believer to be healed. The doctors have given up on her because she has a swelling on her leg that cannot be fixed…according to them. I can see how this has caused her to be discouraged with God. Let’s pray that God will heal this young lady’s leg so that she will continue to be strong in her faith and see God’s glory through this healing. I claim her healing in the name of Jesus. She is a woman of peace and has a huge influence to many Somali people.

New family member!

Rejoice with us and the angels! We have a new brother in the family! Pray for him to have grace and strength to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord and to share his experience with others.

Protection and Safety

Pray for the Somalis in Kenya for their protection and safety. The outcome of the Kenyan elections is so unpredictable. They are fearful that they will be removed from this country. Let’s pray that the leader elected by the people for the people will be compassionate enough for them to stay in this country.

It Has Slowed Down

One of our Somali students in the English school has not returned, please pray that she will come back and that we will get some more new ladies. The school has slowed down since the start to Ramadan. Lets pray that this project will be blessed with many students.

They Had To Leave

Unfortunately, two Somali ladies left a Christian safehouse on Thursday, because they were not helping out in the house as they had agreed to do. One of the ladies is my teacher at the school. Please pray for her as she stays in places unknown to us, and that she will not be swayed to go back into Islam. She believes in Christ, and was baptized in December 2016;  lets pray that she will remain faithful to the word of God.

Needing work

Please pray for believers to find good business ideas and good financial disciplines. One had a taxi business that worked well for a while, but now people get in his car just to harass and threaten him.

James’ arrival

We are happy to welcome a S brother who has been trained in ministry. He seems to have the patience and wisdom this place requires. Pray for the Lord to open a door for fruitful ministry.

Finding Forgiveness

This week begins the 30days of fasting –a celebratory Fast. Our friends will have extra prayers and long, hot days with no food or drink; and then a feast each evening filled with delicacies and treats reserved just for this time. When asked what they will pray for this Ramadan, most answer “forgiveness.” Many hope that in keeping this fast, they will find forgiveness. Join us in asking for our friends to find what they seek, but in an unexpected Way!

Camp for kids

A summer camp is being organized for kids this summer. Please pray for many Somali kids to come. Pray their parents will allow them to come. Pray for many to find Christ and bring Him home to their families.

Many Come to Christ

Pray that in the time leading up to Ramadan, many Somalis will hear and believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and by believing will have life in His name. Pray that during Ramadan their testimony will have a powerful impact on those who are still hoping to gain God’s favour by good works.

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