Evangelistic outreach

Sometime in August, and evangelistic team from another area of Tanzania will be visiting the village of Mangasta. This village is 100% Sandawe and almost 100% Muslim. The visiting group is called Nuru which means light. This is the first evangelistic outreach to this village though missionaries have been praying for this village for several years. Please pray for the people of Mangasta that they will receive the Light!

Up and coming leaders

We are so thankful for some of the younger members of one of the local churches who are coming up in leadership. Pray for this new generation of leaders that “their love would abound still more and more in real knowledge and discernment, so that they may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ”.

Camps for kids

Two different local churches are hosting kids camps over the next two weeks. Please pray that the teachers would be full of joy and have wisdom as they teach these precious children. Pray that the children would learn more about Jesus and if they are already Believers, that they would know Him better and love Him more through the camp ministry. And for those that don’t yet know Him, ask that the children would be so drawn to Christ, that He would be irresistible to them.

Growth, Please

Pray that the Church among the Sandawe will grow both in numbers and in maturity. Ask the LORD to give wisdom, perseverance and compassion to church leaders and missionaries.

Purposefully Sharing

Please pray that the Sandawe will come to faith in Christ. A number of faithful believers are purposefully sharing the gospel in areas where He is not yet known. Pray that the Lord will work mightily to bring Sandawe people to Himself.

Rain Desperately Needed

We have had a three week stretch without rain. The crops here in Usandawe are at a critical point. Please ask Elohim, God of creation, to send rain again. There is much hunger this year because last year’s harvest was not good. As people hunger for physical sustenance, may they also have a hunger for the one true God.

A Prayer Summit

We give thanks for a special time of prayer for one of the villages in the area which is mostly Islamic. Please pray that the LORD will open doors for ministry in this village and the Sandawe Believers will be filled with a desire to reach out to their neighbors.

No Recollection of that Night

Please continue to pray for Paulo who is in prison for murder which he apparently committed under the influence of demons. We have been told that he has no recollection of that night. He has been reading his Bible. Pray for his mother whom he also attacked that same night. She is well and is the one who keeps in touch with her son and provides for him in prison. She is also spending time in the Word. Ask that both will receive Christ and bear testimony to the Truth.

Sweet Fellowship

Praise God for the Sandawe pastors and evangelists who serve in lonely situations in order to reach their people with the gospel. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them very sweet fellowship with one another, and that their united efforts will deeply attract other Sandawe to the Saviour, who makes us one.

Bribes and Threats

A young Sandawe man has resisted both bribes and threats from his extended family who are trying to turn him from his decision to follow Christ. Pray that he will continue to stand firm and that the Lord will use him to be a leader as many observe his example.

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