Bribes and Threats

A young Sandawe man has resisted both bribes and threats from his extended family who are trying to turn him from his decision to follow Christ. Pray that he will continue to stand firm and that the Lord will use him to be a leader as many observe his example.

The King of Glory

Please pray for the Spirit’s work of salvation in people’s hearts in the village of Wairo. A film titled “King of Glory” has been shown in two parts recently. Pray that people will realise Jesus Christ is the King of Glory and will turn to Him for forgiveness of sins and salvation.

Sandawe Breakthrough Prayer

“Father, may the believers be so united that the Sandawe see and become convinced that You sent Jesus Your Son into the world, and that You love them as You love Jesus.”

Walking With Jesus…Alone

An update on Saidi. Thank you all for praying for this man. The evangelist who had been discipling Saidi was able to go to his village to visit him. The evangelist was very encouraged. The good news is that Saidi is strong in his faith and is walking with Jesus. The lapse in communication had something to do with an issue with his phone. The discouraging news is that Saidi’s wife wants nothing to do with Jesus and has left Saidi. Their three children are away at school. Not sure to whom they go during school breaks. Continue to lift this family to the Father. Nothing is impossible with God!

He Has Broken Off Contact

Please pray for Saidi, a Sandawe Muslim background believer for whom we have prayed before. He has broken off contact with the evangelist who was discipling him. We are not sure what is going on and if he might be questioning his new found faith. He does not have much support from any church or believers in his home area.

Powerful Prayer for Unity

Before Christ left the earth, He prayed to His Father that believers would be “perfectly one, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and that You loved them even as You loved Me.” Please pray that this supernatural unity would be evident among the Sandawe believers, and that many would be saved as they observe it.

Unity Demonstrating Christ

Please pray that the unity among believers in the Sandawe area will be a clear demonstration that Jesus is the Christ. Pray that many Sandawe who are hearing the Scriptures in their own language will put their faith in Him, and that they will be welcomed into local churches and grow.

May the Lord provide

Please pray for the Sandawe people and their neighbors as the rains have come to an end with little to show for it this year. There will be little to no harvest for many. Last year’s harvest has run out and food prices are high. They are in need of both physical and spiritual nourishment. May the Lord provide.

Easter’s King of Glory

Easter weekend we had two showings of The King of Glory movie. The first night there were some glitches and low attendance, but the second night went smoothly and more people came to see it. One of those was an evangelist, who has asked if the movie could also be shown in his village. Now there are plans to do that. Pray for the people who saw the movie at Easter will remember what they learned and put their faith in Christ as the promised Messiah and King. Pray for good attendance at the next showing, and that the evangelist will be helped in his ministry through the things people learn about Jesus as they watch. Praise the Lord for answering prayer.

Affording a Move

Pray that a new Sandawe believer and his wife who need discipleship and are encountering persecution for their faith can afford to move to live with Christian friends who are willing to disciple them. May they learn that the Lord Himself is Jehovah Jireh, the wonderful Provider for His people.

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