San believers

Pray for all the believers in the Tsumkwe area. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help them to grow spiritually and to stand strong in the Lord. Pray for the gift of discernment so that they will accept and obey the pure, living Word. Some are being led astray by people teaching the health and wealth gospel. Pray that believers will answer the call of the Lord to become involved in His service. Pray for the adult group being taught by Pastor Gerrie. May the Lord really open their hearts to Him.

Pastor’s Requests

A local pastor serving with the San people made the following prayer requests: Please pray for healing of those who are sick among the people, and for people traveling for Christmas. Pray for spiritual strengthening of our Chief and church leaders and that they would fully participate in Church activities.

Local Believers

Many of the San will say that they are believers, but few are truly following the Way. Pray for the believers to be bold in their faith both in their walks and talks. Pray that they would be united in their love for Jesus and that there would be no strife over doctrinal differences. Pray for the church leaders to lead the sheep.

Sheep Need Feeding

Many residents of Tsumkwe town continue to live without the understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The few who profess to believe hardly get the nurturing that is needed to come to the knowledge of the truth and live in it. Informal research by Gospel workers living in Tsumkwe has found that most of the people are nominal ‘Christians’. Please pray that the few Christian leaders would prioritize feeding the flocks with God’s word. Oftentimes the leaders are so busy with many other things that they have no time for the sheep.

May Chief lead his people to Life

Pray for the Chief, who was baptized recently. Pray he will study the Bible and do what it says and live a life worthy of the Lord. Pray he would be bold to share God’s goodness and the salvation He offers with his people.

Pray for HOPE to replace despair….

A man committed suicide and left behind a wife and 5 children. No evidence that the man knew Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He could not bear the news of his HIV positive status. The wife told mourners that she will follow in her husband’s footsteps. Please pray against that plan.
At the burial, Zeka was asked to share God’s word, and there was a positive response.
Pray for the late’s wife. We paid her a visit and she looked worried. She is ¬† unemployed and asked for prayers that God would provide for her family.
She will be going back to her village with 2 kids while the other 3 remain in Tsumkwe with grandparents.

Chief is Baptized!

We praise God that the chief in the region where our workers were located was baptized recently along with one of his advisors. Additionally, the local pastor has baptized at least four men and women. Praise the Lord! We praise Jesus for the work of the Spirit among the San people. Pray that more will soften and open their hearts to the saving news of Jesus Christ.

Many children continue to be left behind due to lack of modern education. People really want a kindergarten and preschool for the children. Pray for people to be available and willing to be trained to do this work for future generations.

Comfort from God

On October 21, 2016, the Tsumkwe TIMO team had a farewell party. This was an important event to thank the community, especially the few San believers, the families that hosted the team members, the community leaders, and to say a public goodbye. There was a lot of encouragement from the community. They appreciated the relationships they had with team members. The team left Tsumkwe on Monday, October 24. Pray for the community leaders (traditional authority, particularly the chief of the San) who are upset for not knowing the details as to why the team had to leave. Pray also that the Holy Spirit will comfort and heal the San’s hurt. Pray that the Lord will open a door for more workers to come into Tsumkwe and help support local believers.

Update on The San of Namibia

Missionary working with San writes, “Please pray for close friend and language helper #Oma (# is a click sound) who recently lost his only son.” Pray for his family at this difficult time and pray for missionary, Zeka to be salt and light.

Praise for the arrival of team members in Tsumkwe

Praise be to God for the arrival of 3 out of 8 team members in Tsumkwe! We are trusting the Lord for the remaining 5 visas so that we can have the whole team. 2Cor 5v7- Zeka-team leader for San Team

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