May This Man Follow Christ

A young Samburu man is good friends with Christian missionaries in his area. Recently he got married and they attended the wedding. Pray that he and four other men will openly follow Christ and become open, committed members of the local church, which so far is only attended by women and children.

Keep Asking God for the Five Men

Please continue to pray with us that five Samburu men will decide to follow Jesus by the end of 2017. Pray for many opportunities to proclaim the gospel. Pray for conviction, that they will recognize their need for a Savior. Pray that they will seek after God.

Pray also for the women who attend church that they will understand the Word that they hear and the songs that they sing. Pray that they also will truly seek after God. Pray especially for the four women who try to meet on Friday afternoons for praise and prayer.

Prayers for the women in church

Pray for women in the church to understand the Word more deeply. Pray they will seek hard after God and mature in their faith. Lift up the four women who try to meet regularly on Fridays for prayer and praise.

Strong Participants

Please continue praying for five men in the village of Lchakwai who will become faithful followers of Jesus and strong participants in the church.

Five Men From God

Pray that God will raise up 5 men in a small village who will boldly confess their faith in Christ and be the leaders of the small church. So far the church has only women and children in it.

Openly Confessing and Following

Please pray that the Samburu in the village of Lchakwai will respond freely and openly to the gospel. Pray that the men will begin to openly confess Christ and seek to learn what it means to follow Him. Pray for five men to take an open stand and begin attending church services.

Like Job

Pray for Mama M, a Samburu sister in Christ, who is going through some trying times. Normally her husband is quite reasonable, but recently he has been drinking too much. He has mistreated her, her two co-wives and their children. Last week her mother died. In addition, last week a planned fire got out of control and burned down her house, the houses of her co-wives and the house of her mother-in-law. Pray that her faith and trust in the Lord will remain strong in the midst of these troubles. Pray also that her husband will stop drinking, and decide to follow Jesus.

To Train More Men

Several Samburu church leaders are on a committee to establish a Bible school for pastors and evangelists. Right now, each pastor has to serve several congregations. Pray for the Bible school to be established and flourish.

Those Who Are Actively Going

The Samburu have a reproducing, indigenous church, but there are still villages and large remote areas of the tribe that do not have the gospel. Pray for those who are actively going to those areas, that they will find many receptive people and that churches will be planted.

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