Sad and Feeling Alone

The boy mentioned earlier, Abdi, came to his senses after much prayer. He has left Korr to be with his parents who live elsewhere. He still needs prayer. The school is allowing him to return the end of August when our final term begins, but he is returning under a number of conditions. Pray for the young man – he is sad and feels alone in the world. His family has given up on him, basically due to his anger issues. He needs Jesus. May this last term be one that touches his heart.

Growing Spiritually

Praise the Lord that the Rendille church is growing spiritually, and that there are Rendille believers taking the gospel to other villages where people need teaching. The Rendille are traditionally animists (dealing with spirits) but Islam is making inroads. Pray that the influence of Islam will be broken and that even the Islamic leaders will be saved.

Two Literacy Classes Have Begun!

The adult literacy has actually began, with two classes! It’s very exciting. We have 40 adults in the classes. Pray that God will use these to bring more into His Kingdom. As mentioned before, God has greatly used these classes in the past and key Christian leaders today came to know Jesus through this ministry. Pray that we can find funds to enable these classes to continue in 2018.

A Wonderful Provision

God has reopened a wonderful door in the Rendille world. One of the most amazing tools that God has used to bring Rendille into His Kingdom is Adult Literacy. This program was shut down some years ago due to lack of funds. However, a couple in the UK has given funds to get the program going again. We have enough funds to carry us through December and maybe into April 2018. There are trained Rendille teachers and godly Rendille evangelists ready for the job! We have the funds to open one village class now. Pray that God uses this class for His glory and that He will provide so that we can expand classes into other  villages. It is such an outstanding outreach program and excitingly uses Rendille to reach Rendille!

God’s Power Released in His Life

Abdi, a Rendille student, has a “Christian” father and a Muslim mother – they are separated. He says he’s a Muslim, but he’s not fasting this month of Ramadan. However, Abdi has a temper problem – he can become very destructive. I was just beginning to have a good relationship with him and having some talks, when something happened with other teachers that set him off. Last weekend he went on a destructive binge and has now been suspended. But God is able to work and we need prayers. Would love to see God’s power released!

A Tragic Happiest Memory

Pray for Hassan, a Form 3 Rendille student. His Christian parents took him to Ethiopia to live when he was a small child. At some point, his grandparents collected him and brought him to Kenya and raised him as a Muslim. He is a bright student and has been in Christian schools most his life. But his happiest memory is when he first was able to fast for Ramadan. Would love for God’s word to penetrate into his heart. He knows the Bible well, but the enemy is strong. Pray for his deliverance.

Teetering on the Brink

The Rendille have strong churches and believers in Christ in some villages, but other villages are teetering on the brink of becoming Muslim instead of traditionally animist. Please pray for many Rendille to become evangelists, traveling to those villages that have not yet embraced the gospel. Pray that they will not exchange one false religion for another.

Terrible Need and Gracious Rescue

Pray that God will use this devastating famine to draw people to Himself. Many are struggling to survive, watching their means of support and source of food (animals) dying in front of their eyes. Even our schools are struggling to afford food for the students. Prices have tripled since January. Pray for people’s terrible need–and God’s gracious rescue–to turn many to Christ.

Swearing to Their Own Hurt and Not Changing

In spite of the devastating drought, the local Rendille church members have been supporting their pastor and partially supporting an evangelist in a daughter church every month, as they had just committed to do before the drought began. This is an amazing show of faith and maturity and sacrifice. Pray for them to continue and not lose heart.

Physical and Spiritual Hunger During Famine

Because of the ongoing drought in north Kenya, God’s people have been sending funds so the local church can purchase and distribute food. When the food is distributed, 2 Rendille evangelists share God’s Word. Over 90 “Treasures” (Bible solar players) have been given out, as people beg for spiritual as well as physical food. The Rendille pastor in charge continues to ensure fair distribution to all, setting up systems and observing financial accountability for all purchases. A Muslim leader asked our pastor where the food was coming from. The man then thanked our pastor for his work.

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