Two Former Students Ponder Possibilities

Please pray for two of my Muslim former students who met with me yesterday. Abdullahi and Elias. I’m in touch with them both off and on. Yesterday I asked them why they refused to become Christians. They said they didn’t know. One asked me why they should become Christians – in an honest and polite way. We had a good conversation. They have been in Christian schools and know God’s word. Another said that he didn’t see any difference between the Koran and the Bible. We had some good talks. Pray that God will work in their hearts. I believe they are open – but maybe not too serious about what part God plays in their lives.

A Powerful Gospel

Islam is targeting the Rendille for conversion, trying to turn them from their tradition of spiritism. But many Rendille are Christians, and are sharing the gospel with their friends and neighbours. Pray that the power of the gospel will win the victory in the hearts and minds of the Rendille.

Great need for Godly teachers

Our Christian schools need godly Christian teachers. Pray for God to work in the hearts of teachers and that the fruit of the Spirit will be evident in their lives. Pray that mature Christian teachers can be found who are willing and able to teach at Tirrim school and share the gospel with Rendille students.

Asking Questions

Please pray for a high school student named Hassan. He is a Muslim. He’s been in a Christian school for years, so has heard a lot about the Bible. Recently, he’s been asking lots of questions in Bible class and last week he asked to come talk about the Bible. I was excited and prayed a lot before he came, but by the time it worked out for us to meet, I think he got cold feet. We talked, but mainly about his family, not about the Bible. He knows the door is open for him to come any time. There’s a real spiritual battle going on for his heart and mind. Please pray for God’s power to overcome. He’s a nice boy, hard working and needs Jesus!

Eagerly Awaiting God’s Word

This coming week we will be checking Proof 3 of the complete Rendille New Testament. Several copies will also be going to Rendille for community checking in several villages. At the end of October, any last-minute changes that might emerge will be done. Once those have been processed and checked, the New Testament will be ready to go for printing! Praise God for his faithfulness in watching over this process. The growing Rendille church is eagerly awaiting God’s Word. Pray for good success.

Break the Power

Please pray this for the Rendille: “Lord, break the power of Islam threatening to take over the Rendille hearts and minds. Open eyes to the truth of God’s Word.”

Sad and Feeling Alone

The boy mentioned earlier, Abdi, came to his senses after much prayer. He has left Korr to be with his parents who live elsewhere. He still needs prayer. The school is allowing him to return the end of August when our final term begins, but he is returning under a number of conditions. Pray for the young man – he is sad and feels alone in the world. His family has given up on him, basically due to his anger issues. He needs Jesus. May this last term be one that touches his heart.

Growing Spiritually

Praise the Lord that the Rendille church is growing spiritually, and that there are Rendille believers taking the gospel to other villages where people need teaching. The Rendille are traditionally animists (dealing with spirits) but Islam is making inroads. Pray that the influence of Islam will be broken and that even the Islamic leaders will be saved.

Two Literacy Classes Have Begun!

The adult literacy has actually began, with two classes! It’s very exciting. We have 40 adults in the classes. Pray that God will use these to bring more into His Kingdom. As mentioned before, God has greatly used these classes in the past and key Christian leaders today came to know Jesus through this ministry. Pray that we can find funds to enable these classes to continue in 2018.

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