Falling walls and open hearts

Pray for the Nyang’atom, that the walls of resistance to the Gospel will fall, and their hearts will be open to hearing the Good News that brings Life and Hope.

Light of Life

Pray that Nyang’atom come to know the Light of life, and that via His light shining through them, they will become lights to the world that cannot be hidden (Matthew 5:13)

Peace among the neighbors

Pray for peace between the Nyang’atom and their neighbours. Due to years of cattle raiding between tribes, tensions are high, but peace can reign.

Drinking and Living Water

Water is often a challenge for the Nyang’atom, they have few wells for the dry season and no way to preserve water during rainy season. Pray that more wells will be dug and that they will turn to the Living Water.

Avenues for the Gospel

The Nyang’atom area is undeveloped – pray that health care centres and schools will be built and that these places will become avenues for the Gospel to spread in the communities.

End of season woes

This has not been a good rainy season for majority of the country, and this area is no exception. The dry season seems to have arrived way too soon for most. Please pray that those who are able to harvest at this time, are able to store enough to last the given time before the next rains arrive to grow more crops. But above all, may we constantly pray that the gospel would continue to reach the Nyang’atom people in spirit and truth.

Psalm prayer

Psalm 100:2 “Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.” Please pray this psalm for the Nyang’atom, that it would become a reality in their lives. Our Lord instructs us to pray for each other …. with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Let us join together and do just that for the Nyang’atom.

Update on The Nyang’atom of Southern Sudan

Just to bring this people group before our Lord is a task we take seriously. The whole country is experiencing heavy rainfall at the moment, and we know that this area gets cut off with its slippery black cotton soil roads. So please pray for them, that food would still get through to them and hunger would not be an issue for them this year.

Pray for spiritual growth

As we continue to struggle to hear any news from among this people group, let us continue to pray for them. Knowing that God has not left them, even if there are so few missionary or church workers among them. Pray that they would continue to grow spiritually and know our God in ways we will one day be astounded to hear about.

Pray for the believers among the Nyang’atom

The Kenyan missionary couple who lived and worked among this people group are no longer there, making it difficult to get any updates, but we can pray for the believers who are there. Pray that they found tremendous encouragement as they just celebrated the Easter weekend remembering what Christ has done for them.

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