Generation to Generation

Praise God for an adult grandson of an elderly believer to come to know the Lord as his Savior. Now both grandfather and his adult grandson want to share Jesus with others in their family. The grandson has given an invitation to meet with three other family members in order to share the Good News with them. Pray old and young alike will desire to make a decision for Christ in this family. Pray for other whole families, from one generation to another to embrace the Lord.

Grow and Not Wither

God has been bringing about a movement within the region! We have been praying for a harvest and it is very exciting to see and hear and witness what God is doing! Two households have recently committed themselves to Christ, and there are others coming to Christ, too. As a farmer sows seeds, the farmer doesn’t see what is happening to the seed, but then, the sprout comes up, and new life is suddenly visible. It is the Holy Spirit, the Word, and the Father at work, watering and causing the growth. Pray for the new life to grow and not wither!

Bud waiting to blossom

Pray for my friend. She’s from a very strong Muslim family. I see in her a small bud that is longing to blossom. Ask the Lord to free her heart from fear and her spirit from oppression that she might see the beauty of the Lord and put her trust in Him.

Points of Proclamation

Pray for planning this month regarding places of proclamation of the Gospel among the Nyamwezi. We ask for God’s wisdom in leading and opening land spaces where congregations of believers may hold Sunday meetings for fellowship and weekly invite those seeking to learn more. Ask the Lord to make clear preaching points from which Christians may reach out to neighbors and communities in sharing God’s love.

Two Beliefs

Pray for Muslim background believers in Jesus who embrace what they are learning about Christianity, yet confessing they believe both persuasions. Pray that as they read the Word of God that they would no longer be able to hold these two religions together but they would choose to place their hope in Christ alone. May they not suppress their joy of discovery in drawing near to the Way, the Truth, and the Life. John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Make Disciples of All Nations

Pray for 20 church leaders who are preparing for missionary works of service through intensive periods of Bible training. Pray for their equipping, enabling, and empowering by the Holy Spirit. Pray they would be catalysts for change within their local churches to permanently and actively participate in the Great Commission.

May ones and twos become 100s!

We have seen a scattered number of Nyamwezi come to Christ and are excited that God is doing something amongst them. Pray that these believers will meet together and encourage one another. Pray many more will be saved!

Pray for courage from the Holy Spirit

Pray for my neighbour Mary Ann. I have ‘walked’ with her for the past 4 years following a late miscarriage (first baby had died at 7 months old) and then her desperate attempts to conceive again. She came to the Lord during this time along with her husband. They live in a large extended middle class muslim family house and family are very religious. The couple have been worshipping secretly and have not ‘come out’ in the open.
Amazingly she finally got pregnant last year and we prayed all the way through that she would keep the baby and she now has a son! They are still secret believers, reading their bibles and watching preachers on TV, but fearful of losing everything if they were to stand up. They need the power of the Spirit to set them free to live in integrity and transparency.
I am worried that now she has the miracle baby she may cool off and make decisions regarding his upbringing that compromise and jeopardise their fledgling faith.

Embrace the Call

Pray for Tanzanians and the Tanzanian Church to embrace the call of the Great Commission to reach all peoples. Pray especially for God to raise up Tanzanians to reach out to the Nyamwezi and live among them. Pray for those who are sensing God’s calling to make this commitment, for enablement, coordination, and research into where to place new teams.

Jesus Is My Savior!

Praise God for the testimony of a mother who knows that Jesus is her Savior and the Savior of the world. When asked how she came by this news – since all her religious teaching has been from the mosque – she said, “I learned that He died on the cross for my sins from the movie you showed last year.” The movie was the Jesus Film, which we showed a couple of times last year, but with no known responses to it. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in people’s lives through this media and that the Gospel truth would continue to be accessible in public forums such as Jesus Film presentations. Pray that more will come to know Jesus as their Savior.