Gentle and Humble

Please pray for the Ndengereko to be delivered from their sins and come in faith to the Saviour. Pray that the Christians who go to live among them and share the gospel will be protected from harm. Pray that light will penetrate their darkness and they will come to know the Saviour who is “gentle and humble of heart,” and that they will become like Him.

Light of the World

Please pray that the darkness and hardness of heart that is keeping Ndengereko people captive to Satan will be illuminated by Jesus, the light of the world. Pray that those who believe in Him will no longer walk in darkness but will walk in the light of life, and that others will come to know Him too.

Free Indeed

May the Spirit penetrate the hearts of the Ndengereko, bringing them into adoption, freeing them from being slaves to bondage, setting them free from fear, and allowing them to cry out, “Abba, Father.”

Ambassadors Needed

Pray that the Spirit will raise up Christians to take the Word of God to the Ndengereko, who are still largely Muslim. Pray for the Lord to send His ambassadors and representatives to love them and share the gospel. Pray that their hearts will be ready to receive it and bear fruit.

Common Violence

Violence is common in the Ndengereko tribe, and security in some villages is minimal. Please pray that the gospel will spread rapidly among the Ndengereko people, and that the Prince of peace will change that culture from lawlessness to dignity and respect.

Through Them

Pray that through the witness of those who have come to faith in Christ, many more Ndengereko will be saved. Pray that they will continue to stand firm and not return to the practice of Islam.

A Special Campaign

Praise the Lord for two new godly evangelists who are providing leadership to the Ndengereko believers. Praise Him that our Nigerian teammates, who still work on the coast, have been active in a campaign that saw every household in the village receive a Swahili/Arabic New Testament. Praise the Lord that the believers are not discouraged, that they have not returned to their old lives now that they have found Jesus! Pray that the church wouldn’t lose their saltiness. That their light would shine before the community, so that they may see their good works and give glory to the Father who is in heaven.

Losing Language

The Ndengereko are gradually losing their distinctive language and culture as they mingle and mix with the coastal Swahili of Tanzania. As they loosen old traditions and ties, may they acquire new loyalties and a new culture by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Singing His Songs

The Ndengereko believers created Scripture songs from the earliest days of their faith. Pray they will continue to learn Scripture, compose songs, and that those songs will spread far and wide and bring others to faith in Christ.

Crossing Cultures for Jesus

Pray that the local churches in the Ndengereko villages are convicted and equipped to speak boldly about their faith to their Muslim neighbors who are the local Ndengereko people. The churches are filled with people from other tribes, that have been sent to work in those places. We pray that they would see the Great Commission is for them. We pray that the Ndengereko believers would also have the courage to stand boldly, publicly acknowledging faith in Christ as their Savior.

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