Ongoing Unrest

Reports flooded in yesterday of yet another attack on a village in Northern Mozambique, where over 50 houses were burned and one person beheaded. The Mwani from this area are upset that those claiming their same faith could do such things. This has led to a questioning of their core beliefs. Pray that God would raise up the usually-timid believers to speak boldly about Jesus. Pray that seed would fall on good soil hearts, that the Mwani might know the one who truly is the “Way, the Truth, and the Life!”

Pray for Peace

An extremist group has been attacking villages in Northern Mozambique since November. Pray for the traumatized villagers as they seek refuge in Mocimboa town. Pray for believers there as they reach out to them. Today friends are delivering aid. Pray for their safety along the road. Pray that what the Evil One means for harm, the Lord will mean for good- to bring about the salvation of many!

The Poorest Neighborhood in the City

Northern Mozambique holds 9 unreached people groups–that we know about. One of them, the Mwani, live in the northern-most port city and provincial capital. God has been raising up workers for the past few decades now, to reach out to the Mwani. Most recently, he has strategically placed two new families into Mwani areas in the city. The Mwani populate two of the poorest, most congested, areas of the town. So bad are the conditions that all supplies are hand carried–there are no roads! When it rains, many lose their belongings in the torrents which rush down the mountain-slope into their valley. Pray that these Mwani would turn to the only true anchor of souls–Jesus!

Rejoice for the harvest!

Praise the Lord, we have heard of 160 new believers among the Mwani, stretching from Ibo, Pangane and down to Pemba! 50 of them have been baptised.

Praise the Lord for the strengthening of the Mwani church in Pangane, a decade after the TIMO team. Praise the Lord for the seed that was sown then is now being reaped.

Praise the Lord for the Koti Church, a recently reached UPG, who have taken it upon themselves to reach the Mwani with the gospel. Pray for the Lord’s strengthening among these Koti brothers who are willing to leave their island to preach the good news to those who have not yet heard.

Towards Faith

Praise God that a twenty six year old Muslim man named ‘D’ has been listening to the Gospel story with much interest and an open heart! Pray that he will turn to Christ and be able to bear the discouragement from family and the community. Thank God that he was invited to study the word by his friend ‘B’ who is a disciple from the same community. Pray that disciple ‘B’ will invite more people into a study of the word.

Update on The Mwani of Mozambique

Praise the Lord there has been a recent 2 day conference held in Pemba for 10 leaders of the small churches established in Northern Mozambique. it was a good time of worship, fellowship and encouragement.

Mr. V – Pray for a heart open to the gospel

Mr V. Iman of biggest mosque in our village had bought two copies of the Good News and we had been praying for an opportunity to share with him when he emailed us to tell us about the birth of his daughter. We were able to share the gospel with him. Pray that he responds to what he knows is true.

Standing Well in the Faith

Let us thank God for the Mwani believer, B, who had began to drink (whom we prayed for sometimes back). He has recovered from this problem and is now standing well in the faith. Now let us pray that he will take the same faith and start sharing with others.

Praise God for other Mwani believers who are turning to God through the ministry of several missionaries working among the Mwani. Pray too that each one of them will learn the art of becoming fishers of men.

Pray too that the Lord will give us people with open hearts to share the Gospel with this month. We are going out each day to share the Gospel with people.

Update on The Mwani of Mozambique

Mwani; thank God for some conversions which have been reported among the Mwani in the last two months through the ministries of different organizations in the region. We pray that these new disciples will gain the heart and passion to share the same message with others in the community.
We pray also for the success of the two Radio ministries among the Mwani. Pray specifically that the missionaries will get face to face contacts with keen listeners that the listeners may believe. Pray too that the presenters on these programs may have the wisdom in choosing the right stories in the right order and that they may answer the resulting questions wisely.
Makwe; the team of four missionaries here have began to visit one of the villages each week (every Friday); they shared the Gospel with several people these two last weeks. Pray that they will find an open door to talk to many more people, that those who hear will believe, and that there will be lasting fruit. We pray specifically for them to find the man or family of peace in this community.

Update on The Mwani of Mozambique

The team among the Makwe will be going to surounding villages to share the word with the locals. Pray that God will give them men/women/families of peace in each of the villages. Pray for this witchdoctor whom the missionary challenged towards faith that he may continue listening to the word and believe

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