Discipleship training

Please pray for the discipleship training among the Matumbi. More and more believers are asking to attend, from more and more villages. Pray for the Lord to greatly work in that meeting the last week of November, unifying them in their Christian love for one another and making them vibrant witnesses and disciple-makers among their own people.

Historic Training*

November 27-Dec 1, about thirty Matumbi believers from five villages will come together for the first time to receive training in discipleship. Some have never met before. Please pray for there to be deep unity among these believers and for the Holy Spirit to give them the vision for reaching their own people, together. Pray for a movement of disciples making disciples among the Matumbi.


Please pray for the logistical hurdles to be overcome for a Matumbi family to begin regularly studying the Bible together. The husband and wife work very long hours and finding a time to meet with them is difficult.

May They Read Diligently

A Matumbi man and his family have made the decision to follow Christ. Recently they received a Bible story book. While their teacher is on leave, pray they will read the book diligently and grow in their confidence that Jesus Christ is trustworthy.

Matumbi Breakthrough Prayer

“Father, we ask You to raise up Matumbi disciple makers who will catalyze a movement that will spread throughout the Matumbi hills and beyond.”

Progress! Now Ask For More

We had two days of amazing meetings. We all met to discuss and find voice actors for the Jesus Film that is almost ready for recording in Matumbi as well as the Luke text in Matumbi that is almost ready to print! It was very encouraging to see the progress being made. God’s timing is so good! We are now planning a discipleship making movement training to happen here in our village in November to encourage and equip Matumbi believers. We will share more details about this in the near future but for this week please be praying for all the logistics of this training to come together and for God to raise up these Matumbi believers to be disciple makers who will catalyze a movement that will spread through the Matumbi hills and beyond.

For The First Time*

Please be praying for a team of translators for the next two days. They’ve completed a draft of the book of Luke in the Matumbi language and have asked us to gather friends to read thru it together. They are also recruiting voices for the Jesus film. Praise God that these discipleship tools will be available soon. Matumbi people will be able to read the Word in their own language for the first time! Some friends we’ve invited are believers. Please pray for protection over our meetings, unity among all the believers and good understanding between working in 3 languages. The others we’ve invited to these meetings are seekers. Pray that even in these meetings, God’s word would move with power as He makes Himself known here. Pray that in these two days we would be walking in the Spirit and in His plans for our time. Pray that the Lord would raise up Matumbi disciple-makers that would catalyze a movement throughout the Matumbi Hills and beyond.

Ups and Downs

Every people group has ups and downs. Every work has its ebb and flow. Please pray that those who have begun to seek Christ among the Matumbi will not retreat and lose interest, but will steadily pursue the knowledge of the Lord.

Which are the Ones?

Please pray for wisdom to know which Matumbi people will be the ones who become faithful disciples of Jesus, good storytellers and leaders and examples who can disciple others, also. Pray that these people will emerge and will receive training, encouragement and discipleship.

Five Faithful

Pray that God will provide five faithful men and women who will put their faith in Christ and be gifted by the Holy Spirit to teach Scripture and make other disciples. May the Lord bring a movement of disciples making disciples among the Matumbi.

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