They can kill my body but not my spirit!

On Sunday “Masi” went to the “Pg” village where he is discipling a small group of new believers. Someone attempted to take his life by putting rat poison in his food. He said that as he ate the food he could taste the poison so he stopped eating it and left for home. Soon after he left he started to feel very sick. He came to a place where there was water and started guzzling as fast as he could. He then cried out to God for help and started to throw up. After some time he started to feel a bit better and was able to make it back to his house. Praise God He was totally fine by the next morning! He shared that he is not afraid and though they can kill his body they cannot kill his spirit. He is determined to continue to go back to that village to disciple these new believers. Pray for the Lord’s protection and blessing on Masi, and for conviction of sin on whoever tried to poison him.


“In the last week there have been at least 4 more believers from the unity team in the “Nm” village that have gone out to different areas to find open people to share the gospel with. This team of over 70 has been praying weekly for the last few months asking the Holy Spirit to fill them and lead them where He wants them to go.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will give them boldness and lead them to the people that He has prepared. Also please remember to be praying for protection for all the new believers and groups and that they would grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for them.

Something is happening

Praise God for the new thing He is doing among many Matumbi. He has delivered many from the kingdom of darkness and brought them into the kingdom of His dear Son. Pray for the leaders and new believers to grow in faith and be protected from the schemes of the Enemy.

Bible distribution!

We have been praying for a good way for the new believers in this movement to get bibles and the Lord has answered! S and M went around to their different groups and took orders for those who wanted a bible. Each person was willing and able to pay the $2.50 that we paid. Pray for protection as S and M distribute these bibles this week. Please pray for these new believers who are receiving a bible for the first time that they will have a deep hunger to read it daily and for the Holy Spirit to open their minds to understand His Word.

Story Project

We are set to complete the first recordings of the 18 Bible stories in Matumbi this week! We will spend several weeks testing the recordings with different groups to see what revision needs to be made to make the stories clear. Pray that even as these Bible stories are tested, God would give people a hunger to know Him and His Word would move with power here.

Meeting Regularly

Please pray that the Matumbi believers meet regularly with seekers, who want to know Christ, in their homes to read, hear and discuss the Bible. Pray that the Jesus video will be widely distributed and seen. Pray that there will be great unity and love between Christians of various denominations.

More discipleship training

100 believers are gathering now for follow-up discipleship training. Pray for Augustine and Jeremy who are leading the training. Pray for several of the key leaders who are ill. Ask God to raise them up and make them fit to attend. Pray for God’s blessing on this strategic meeting.

Committed to Disciple Others

Praise the Lord that He is at work among the Matumbi. Ask that those believers who have committed themselves to disciple others will do so without discouragement or weariness. Pray for many new believers.

We Helped the Baby Get Medicine

The wife of one of the believers we have been discipling came to our Bible study last week for the first time. She is not a believer and hasn’t been open but recently their newborn got sick and our small group of believers helped the baby get medicine. She came to say thank you as she was really touched by the love she saw through the body of Christ. She heard the full gospel as we studied the death and resurrection of Jesus and said she wants to come back next week! Pray the Holy Spirit will work in her heart throughout this week and that she would come to know Jesus as her Savior.

Reading His Word During the Week

Please pray that God would put a deep desire in the hearts of the Matumbi believers to really know Jesus and to read His word during the week.

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