Please pray for the communities of Ibahure and Lohutok. These communities are caught in a cycle of revenge killings and cattle raiding and the people are living in much fear. Pray for the Lord to soften hearts to receive Him and the freedom of forgiveness in Him that these issues may be resolved.

Attacks and Revenge

Pray for the villages here! For the last few weeks we had one village attacking their neighboring village as they were taking cows to drink water. Four people were killed and several cattle were taken. The history of the Lopit seems to be that revenge is the solution to their problems. Pray that the government will intervene justly and that people will not take revenge again by attacking. O pray they will find their significance in knowing their Savior and not in owning cattle or taking revenge.

Servants for Children’s Ministry

Pray for children ministry workers. We need the Lord to bring more servants to this field to help. Pray also that God will prepare the children’s hearts to receive Christ.

Slow and Steady

Pray for Ihari. This young lady of 14 has been slowly drawing closer to the Lord over the past 4 years. Pray that she might fully trust Him and seek His will in her life. Pray that she may be a witness to her mother, sister and nephews.

Little Light

Pray for Ohima. This boy of five is on fire for the Lord. His name means fire and he is living up to it. He absorbs everything taught during his family Bible study and shares it with others. At lunch time in school he tells the older children they should thank God for their food and when they ask him to pray he asks God to help them so they can pray too. Pray that Ohima may grow in knowledge and understanding of the Lord and continue in boldness for His kingdom.

Ohilang Fires

On Dec 13th fire destroyed 48 homes in the Ohilang community. Give thanks to our Father that no lives were lost and there were no major injuries. Pray that this sad event might be used by the Lord to draw people to himself. Pray that the Word shared during food distributions following the event might take root and bear fruit and that the word and deeds of love shared with this community in their time of need might point them to their loving heavenly Father.

New witness and new opportunities

As we enter a new year pray that the Lord will grow the Church among the Lopit. Pray for open hearts to receive His word and faithful witness of church leaders. Also pray for new ministry opportunities among the Lopit so that more people will be exposed to the Gospel.

Proclaiming the truth of His gift

Pray for the Lopit communities during this Christmas season that the Word of the the Lord and the truth of His gift to us might be boldly proclaimed and accepted. Pray that the usual distractions of food, new clothes and alcohol will not interfere with the Truth taught at the church services.

Strength for young believers

Please pray for young Lopit believers. We have noticed an increase in spiritual attack and community persecution through antagonism and physical abuse particularly through Catholic influence on the community. Please pray for strength, boldness, and perseverance as the new believers in the Iboni and Ohilang communities face these challenges. Pray for a strengthening of their faith as they rely on the Lord during these trials.


Give thanks for the number of children who attend church in Ohilang village each Sunday. Pray that the stories they hear in Sunday School may impact their hearts and lives for the glory of God. Pray for someone local to step in to help and learn about leading Sunday school. Pray for strength for these young hearts against opposition from Catholic leaders in Iboni village discouraging children from coming to Sunday School.

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