Growing interest

On Friday morning, our DBS started with the usual small group from Paulo and Mary’s compound. However minutes later another mother came with 4 of her children and then a group of 4 women joined us. It turns out Mary has been taking our challenge and sharing the Bible Stories with them. These ladies from two nearby compounds wanted to come and see for themselves if what Mary is saying is true. Pray that these families would welcome a DBS in their compounds.

Laarim praise!

Rejoice that the children and youth and women are all singing the Laarim Bible songs, which have been created for and by them. This has been a powerful tool in these communities. Even those who have never attended a story session or gathering, have learned the songs and sing along with the children. A local believer is working on more songs, one for each of the 25 key stories in our story set for this people group.


Pray for all the listeners who heard the message to repent this weekend. They were told, ‘If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.’ You have a choice today to choose the blessing of obedience to God or the curse of obedience to Satan.” Pray they will be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

Jesus Film showing

This week we will show the Jesus film at the cattle camp. Most of the population is there now. Pray for the Lord to open blind eyes to the truth of the gospel.

New light among the Laarim

K keenly wanted the Jesus film brought to his home, which was done last week. Early this week K came to tell us he wants to follow Jesus. As we talked and prayed together, he reported a changed heart, away from quarreling and drinking alcohol (a common past-time) towards wanting to have a clear mind to hear and follow God’s word. He has asked that we bring God’s word to his compound for him and his family (one wife and multiple children). Praise God for a new life and light among the Laarim!

Bible Study Update

This week the portion of the Word shared in the discovery Bible studies, (DBS), was the story of Job, and what was happening behind the scenes.

Here are a few responses from the participants:
“Sometimes we speak out in anger and say things we shouldn’t say…then we should apologize like Job did.”
“When we are disciplining our children, they may get angry with us and even hit back at us, but we are disciplining them for their own good to train them.”
“When bad things happen, we should not accuse God for them. Rather we should do good and trust God.”

Please be praying that the DBS continue to be fruitful and those present would have clear understanding and changed hearts where needed.

Jesus answered my prayer!

Mary, now a six month-old new believer, meets for prayers with some ladies whom she has led to the Lord. The DBS story this week was Jesus raising Jarius’s daughter. When the group was asked what they learned from the story, they spoke of the life-bringing power of Jesus in a hopeless situation. Laguwe shared that her 3 year old had gotten very sick, and “since you were not here, I decided not to go to the witchdoctor, but to do what I had seen and heard you do. I prayed like you do to Jesus to heal…and HE DID IT, even for me!” Praise God for maturing faith in new believers!

Cholera update

When we helped to open the Cholera Treatment Ward at Kimatong Health Center last Sunday, I anticipated it being flooded with up to 50 or 60 cholera victims. However, our maximum number of cholera patients in the ward this week was six. One severely afflicted patient arrived during the night in our absence and it was so gratifying to hear the nurse exclaim with joy the next morning, “We followed the protocol and we saved him!” Indeed he and several other lives were saved by the implementation of the treatment ward. AIM is getting more credit in the community than we deserve for the ebbing of the cholera epidemic. We try to turn the credit back to God and indeed the prayers of many have had an unseen impact. Pray God’s mercy would be recognized by the Laarim.


Several people are sick with Cholera in a Laarim village. Pray for the medical personnel and team members treating the sick and educating the village about prevention. Pray the Lord would heal the sick and open hearts to spiritual healing as well.

Another new believer!

Several weeks ago a group of young men gathered on our compound to watch the “Following Jesus” video which is a follow-up of the Jesus Film. Carlo was hanging out with his friends and stayed to watch. As the African actors were explaining to each other the way to breathe out your sins and breathe in the Holy Spirit, Carlo described a ‘shaking of my body” and an urge to know the Holy Spirit. As soon as the video ended, he shared this desire with the group. With a bit of instruction and guidance he prayed to accept Jesus into his heart and thus began his new life in Christ! Pray for God to renew Carlo’s mind and help him walk in newness of life.

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