Needing someone to go

Pray that the remoteness of the Kachipo’s homeland will not deter believers from going to live among them and proclaim the Gospel to those living in darkness.

Know the Lord

Pray the Kachipo would know Christ as the Lord, and that apart from Him there is no other saviour they can turn to (Isaiah 43:11).

Translation work progressing

During the last two weeks I have been teaching the Suri (Kacipo-Balesi) team (five young men) an introductory course in the principles of Bible Translation. This week we are working intensively on the writing skills and on the orthography of the Suri (Kacipo-Balesi). In the coming weeks we start the translation of Mark. Praise God for this!!!

Praise also that we have found suitable office space and rooms for the future translators to live in Aman, Ethiopia. Pray that they will adapt to the place and working environment soon.
Pray for good team work, for protection (spiritually and physically), and also for enough finances (until now, we have only initial funding and no full long term coverage).

Rain, Mosquitoes, Malaria

As the rains come, so do the mosquitoes. Pray for those who are vulnerable for serious cases of malaria, that God would heal them and they would be given opportunities to know the Gospel during their lifetime.

Wisdom and Guidance

Pray for wisdom and guidance as AIM seeks to be put into service to foster a reproducing, indigenous, Christ centered church among the Kachipo of South Sudan. This task faces many impossible obstacles, but we believe in a God who specializes in the impossible.

NT translation work starting soon!

We are about to start the New Testament Translation for the Suri (Kacipo-Balesi).
In the last few weeks Pastor Dunyi from Mewun and Matthias Feurer from Wycliffe Ethiopia (who has been working for several years amongst the Suri (Kacipo-Balesi) in Ethiopia, met in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) to lay the foundation for the Bible Translation. Pray for us, as we are putting a translation team together. May God provide committed mother tongue translators. Pray for more finances. Pray also for spiritual and physical protection.

Planting crops and the Word

As the rains come and people start planting crops, pray that Word of God is planted in the hearts of the Kachipo. Pray the Truth will bring great fruit and changed lives.

Someone to go

Pray that Christians will go to the Kachipo and share the Gospel with them so they have the opportunity to hear of and call upon Jesus to be their Saviour (Romans 10)

Following His Call

Praise God for answered prayers! Upon his request, John has been released  from his role in the S. Sudan government. This frees him up to follow what he believes is God’s call on his life: to translate the Bible into his people’s heart language: Suri (also known as Kachipo).

Pray for him and the team as they plan and start translating the Bible. Pray for unity, grace to learn together, and the necessary preparations needed.


Hope at Easter

As Easter comes, pray that the Kachipo will come to know the One who died for their sins and wants to give them new, full life (John 14:6). Pray that they would place their hope in Christ alone.

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