Back to School

The Ik children have been on school holiday for a few weeks, and the second term will begin soon. Please pray for the many school activities. Pray that through the Christian Religious Education classes, Icetod literacy classes, and the after school program put on by the missionary team, that the Ik would begin to have a deeper understanding of God through the Bible stories shared. Pray that they can know the deep love of Jesus and that it would transform the lives of the children. Pray that they bring bible stories and songs home to their families and in doing so, share the gospel with them too.

Sunday school teachers’ training

On this Saturday, delegates from all 4 churches on the ridge will be meeting together to be trained as Sunday school teachers. Pray that all the churches participate and learn much. Pray that they understand and find the resources they are given to be helpful. Pray they are able to put them to good use. Pray also that those attending have a deep desire to train the next generation in Christian living.

Planting Season

Soon the Ik will celebrate ‘Itowes’- a holiday to celebrate the upcoming planting season with the worship of various spirits to help them in the next year. Please pray that the Ik see that the One True God has power over all the spirits of the world; that they see God alone as their provider of rain, sun, and a good harvest at the end of the year, not the spirits they worship. Pray they soon accept God as the Lord and Savior of their lives.

Physical and Spiritual Thirst

We have now entered into the dry season on the Ik ridge and water is scarce. Pray for Gods abundant provision, that the rains come even during this dry season, and that the Ik see God as the provider of this blessing. Pray also that the Ik thirst for the One True God and seek after him as the Lord of their lives.

Prayer day this weekend

Pray for the Pentecostal church in the village of Kapalu. They will have a prayer day and assembly on Saturday and Sunday. Pray that the Ik hear the truth from God’s word and desire to draw near to the Lord. Pray for the pastors and church leaders, that they remain committed in faith and lead the church well. Pray that they demonstrate Christ’s love and example in the church, village, and to the neighboring tribes.

Christmas opportunities for the Ik

As Christmas quickly approaches, there are many opportunities for conversation about Jesus, and his birth. Some team members have been organizing the Ik in a Christmas drama which has provided a great way to disciple the actors when they practice. Others have invited people to their home to share the Christmas story. The Ik tend to view Christmas solely as the time they get new clothes and eat meat so please pray that God opens the eyes of the Ik to see Christmas in a new way. That as they hear the Christmas story, the Ik may see their sin in a new light, realize their need for a Savior, and turn and repent to follow Jesus.

Evangelizing Together

One of the four local churches on the Ik ridge has been actively evangelizing and organizing another fellowship in the neighboring village of Tulutul. Praise God for their desire to do outreach and share the love and grace of Christ! But there is already a church of a differing denomination meeting in Tulutul. Pray that all the churches on the Ik ridge can work together in evangelizing and discipling as one body of Christ.

Increasing Illness

Lately there has been an increase in Malaria and Hepatitis B cases among the Ik. A few elderly have died. But both can be prevented either through using mosquito nets or vaccinations. Please pray for the local health center and the village health team. Although these resources are a blessing to the Ik, there is no doctor on staff. Pray that the health workers have wisdom to know how to care medically for the patients. Pray that the Lord will intervene and people would see His good hand of mercy.

Tribal Tensions

Tensions have been high among neighboring tribes, the Turkana and the Karimojong. The Ik live directly between them, which puts them on high alert. Pray for continued safety among the Ik. Pray also for peace among all three tribes, and that soon they may know of the love and grace and peace found in Jesus Christ.

Heavy Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is being felt very heavily right now. One Ik man has been going missing for hours or days at a time and always coming back in a trance. His family is very worried and has called in a local witch doctor to aid in his healing. Another young girl had been having pain in her knees and neck since getting injured in the river. The Ik have a lot of superstitions surrounding rivers, so an exorcism was performed on her. Pray that the Ik can see that Jesus is Lord over all of creation, and that they have nothing to fear about the rivers when He is their God. Pray also that they be freed of spiritual oppression and possession and come to Christ for all their needs as He alone is the great healer.

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