New Sunday School

A Sunday school program has begun in one of the churches on the Ik ridge. Praise God for this blessing for the Ik children! Pray that the program continues and that the children receive sound biblical doctrine beginning at a young age.

Understanding Forgiveness

Forgiveness seems to be a concept that the Ik don’t fully understand and embrace. Even after paying back debts for theft, the Ik tend to hold the term “thief” over others, seemingly unwilling to fully forgive them. Please pray that the Ik begin to have a better understanding of what forgiveness is. And that they can begin to see themselves as sinners in need of forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Reading the Bible

The books of Genesis, Ruth, and Mark in the Bible have been translated into Icetod. Although most of the Ik have not been taught to read their language, some men know how to read in English or the neighboring language of Nga-Karimojong. With some encouragement, they have attempted to read these books of the Bible, and get so excited when they realize they can read it! They have been really excited to read the Bible in their heart language. After reading the book of Mark, one pastor exclaimed “This is what I preached about on Sunday, but it’s in my language!” Please pray for continued excitement and interest in the Bible in Icetod, that the Ik have an unquenchable thirst for the word of God!

Praises for Rain

June was a very dry month for the Ik, and they complained that the sun had burned their crops. The village elders were busy performing sacrifices in the dry river bed in order to bring rain, with no success. One man even mentioned that maybe God had gone away on holiday and forgotten about them. But during the month of July, we have had rain at least three days per week. When the rains finally began one Sunday, some people said, “We prayed for rain this morning in church! God has heard our prayers and has brought us rain!” Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Please pray that God continues to provide rain to sustain the fields here. Pray also that the Ik come to know that God alone is in control of the rains, and that their animal sacrifices are futile.

Filling the void

The Ik have recently been working on a road project and getting paid in large lump sums. Instead of saving the money, many people have been using it on hard liquor and getting drunk which has caused trouble in their communities. Please pray that God works in the hearts of the Ik, that they may see the harmful effects of heavy drinking, and desire to use their money in other ways. Pray that ultimately, they recognize that the void they are trying to fill with alcohol, can be filled to overflowing with the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and choose to follow Him.

Potential relocation

The Ik have recently been threatened to be relocated out of the homes they have made near a protected forest. Please pray for wisdom and guidance in knowing how to handle the situation and how best to support the Ik people. Pray that the Ik can stay and live in this place they call home. Finally, pray for peace and partnership for all involved.

New School Term

The new school term is about to begin. Please be praying that all the children are allowed to attend and that they truly have a desire to learn. Pray for patience and wisdom for the teachers, that they can show the children the love of Christ.

Church Leaders

Three area church leaders are currently receiving further training around Uganda. Please pray that they receive sound biblical doctrine in their training. Pray also for the churches to continue to grow, that those in charge while some of the leaders are away will lead the churches well.

School update

Praise God for his work in the new schools on the Ik ridge as the first term is now coming to an end! Although the number of students fluctuates daily, praise God for this provision for the Ik. Continue to pray that the Ik children develop a deep desire to learn and go to school. Pray that their parents allow them to attend, despite the fact that they will have less hands helping with the garden and chores. Pray that God gives the teachers lots of patience and that they can show the children the love and grace of God.


Although the Ik have had a couple of heavy rains in the past months, they have not received the amount of rain necessary to sustain the crops. The Ik rely heavily on rain as they are subsistence farmers, growing their crops solely to have food for the next year. Without rain they have no food. Some of the Ik have begun to sacrifice animals, hoping this will bring the rains. Others have fled to a refugee camp across the border in Kenya. Many more will follow if rain doesn’t come soon. Pray that God sends rain now, and in abundance, to save the crops. Pray that the Ik will see that the rains come from the one true God, not because of their animal sacrifices.

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