An Evangelist Continues

We thank Jesus for the good rainy season in the Gabbra land after a long and hard drought season! Pray for the Gabbra evangelist and his wife as they continue the ministry during the missionaries’ home assignment. May they be encouraged by the grace of God and see much fruit for their labor.

Water and Bread of Life

This is a time of protracted drought and hunger among the Gabbra. Please pray that they will discover Jesus is their water of life, their bread of life. Usually famine conditions distract people from listening to God’s Word. Instead, more and more Gabbra are gathering on Sundays to hear it. Pray for the Lord to have mercy and send rain, and pray for their spiritual interest to endure.

Famine Relief Among the Gabbra

Please keep praying for the drought and famine program and supplies, as well as support for ongoing relief as the need has not diminished yet! Some people have lost almost all their animals, which is their whole livelihood.

A Radio Studio and A Church Building

Pray that a radio studio and church building can be completed soon. Pray that many people will become believers through hearing the radio programs and through hearing the Word of God taught in the church.

Turning to the Witch Doctor

Because of the nurses’ strike we have many medical needs and ongoing health requests, and a number of Gabbra people are seeking to get healing from the ‘elgade ayana’ (shaman /witchdoctor). Please pray that God will step in and turn them from Satan to Jesus.

Meeting in a Living Room

Praise God for many Gabbra people attending Sunday morning services in a missionary’s living room. Pray for each of them to come to personal faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and pray that a church building can soon be built for them.

This Land Is Being Shaken

There’s been about a year and a half since a Bible Study was started in a certain Gabbra community where the majority of the people are Muslims. And through the faithfulness of some believers, this land has seen the power of our Sovereign Lord through the Christians’ testimony and Jesus’ miracles. “Since we began gathering to pray and study the Word of God, this land is being shaken and people wonder who is this God we serve.”  Please continue to pray that each believer in this land be a faithful witness of Jesus’ love, mercy and power over all darkness.

Grazing Areas and Water Holes

Pray that as outreach to the Gabbra in the northern deserts of Kenya continues, that those who are coming to faith in Christ will spread the word about His salvation as they follow their flocks and herds to the grazing areas and the water holes.

Unprecedented Hunger

This is a time of unprecedented openness and spiritual hunger among the Gabbra. Pray for the salvation of many as they hear the Word of God, discuss it together, and believe in Christ.

Turning to the Lord

Pray for the drought in Gabbra regions to be over, and that during the season of Ramadan, many Gabbra people will reject their old ways of salvation and will turn to the Water of Life, Jesus Christ.

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