Radio ministry is on the air!

The radio station is up and running! Many people are starting to tune in, but our hours are limited due to lack of power. This has been the chief complaint from our listeners. They would like to listen all day but we have only been able to broadcast from 4—9pm. Pray we can find a solution to getting power. Also pray for my meetings in the next few weeks with Sonset Solutions (HCJB) and another radio group about possible expansion of our radio ministry to reach into new and unreached areas via relay towers.
So much is happening! We rejoice that many people are now hearing God’s word for the first time!

His Gospel is True

Please pray that the Gabbra will recognize that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and will turn from Islam and from spiritism to worship and serve the Living God from generation to generation.

They Turned to Christ

The Gabbra have endured a long season of terrible suffering during the drought in Kenya, but now at last the rains have come and they are plentiful. Praise the Lord that during the drought many believers were able to help in practical ways and a number of Gabbra turned to Christ in faith. Please pray for the Gabbra church to continue to grow.

Singing Songs of Praise Together

Praise God for a Gabbra church where believers from several different tribes who have traditionally been enemies joined together for a workshop to learn to compose praise songs to the Lord in their traditional kinds of music. Pray that the believers will be filled with the Spirit and keep composing songs to the Lord, and pray that each one will work hard to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Music seminar

February 21-25 a music seminar is being held in Dukana, Northern Kenya, to which over 100 Gaabra, Daasanach, Borana, Rendille and Samburu church members will attend. This is a seminar to teach people to compose scripture- based songs in their own languages and cultural styles. Pray for God’s provision for the seminar, safety in travel over difficult roads, His blessing and inspiration for the song writers, and unity in fellowship.


Please pray for the many Gabbra who are expressing an interest in being baptised and are attending church services. They seem very grateful for the famine relief food that was provided to them during last year’s devastating drought. Please pray that they will understand the gospel fully and will grow in Christ.

Radio project

A radio tower has been built and work has begun on a studio which will broadcast the Gospel, Christian music, Bible reading, and Bible-based teaching to the many unreached peoples living in the rugged remote region of Northern Kenya. Ask the Lord to provide $20,000 to complete the initial phase of work and begin broadcasting.

Baptism class

A group of Gabbra has been meeting together to learn God’s Word. When asked about baptism, 30 raised their hands! Praise God! Pray for them as they go through baptism class. May they be firmly established in their faith and be a light to their friends and neighbors!

He Came Near

Praise the Lord for His work among the Gabbra. Pray that this remote, pastoralist tribe will begin to recognise their Creator as they see the stars at night as they sleep with their animals. Pray that they will hear the good news that the faraway God who made those stars has come near to them in the person of Jesus Christ.

An Evangelist Continues

We thank Jesus for the good rainy season in the Gabbra land after a long and hard drought season! Pray for the Gabbra evangelist and his wife as they continue the ministry during the missionaries’ home assignment. May they be encouraged by the grace of God and see much fruit for their labor.

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