Needing freedom from fear

Pray for Al, he is from the community south of us. He has been meeting fairly regularly with the believers for almost a year now. Pray that he will not be afraid to follow Jesus. There are many others who have also expressed interest and even belief, but who have as yet had the boldness to identify themselves as followers of Jesus. Pray with us that God will continue to work in this community to break down Satan’s hold on people through fear.

Needing courage to persevere

Pray for Sa and Ha (daughter of Ab and Ci) that together they will be able to follow Jesus. Ha is very keen, and it seems like Sa believes too, but he has grown up in a very dark home- there is a long history of fear and violence in his home. Pray for Ku, our deaf friend. He came to faith, pray that the seed will take root and not be taken away by his mother who is strongly opposed to it or by the young men who would turn him away.

May Ha’s family and neighbors come too.

Pray for Ha, our neighbour to the south, she has come to faith in the past six months! Since Easter time, I have regularly had time reading through the gospels with her. Pray for her husband Da, that he too will believe. He and his brother Ma have been eagerly listening to the Fulfulde audio recordings that we gave to Ha. Pray for Ka, a widow and Ha’s neighbour. Pray that she will not be afraid to call Jesus Lord, that she will not fear community ridicule.

Prayers for believers

Pray for Ar that God will help him to remain above reproach and walk in the light. Pray that his family will be drawn to the gospel through his life and witness. Pray for Ab and Ci and Am, that they will live in harmony with one another and with their community, and continue to witness boldly.

Walk worthy of the Lord

Pray that the elders who have believed will be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding so that they may walk worthy of the Lord, bear fruit in every good work and grow in the knowledge of God.

May the gospel grow

Ask that the growing church would have an increasing desire to declare the gospel with those who have not heard… that the gospel would bear fruit and grow.


Pray for the six believers who were baptized last week to stand strong despite the scorn of the majority. May they follow the example of the older traveling Fulani believer who faithfully disciples all he meets from village to village!

Excitement over learning to read

Praise God for the progress our literacy students are making. They are so excited about learning to read. Several of them are also excited to read God’s word. Pray God will open their hearts to believe the Bible stories are true and they would put their trust in Jesus.

People are seeing the Light

The communities that we live among only have a few believers, but we see that God is at work, and we are so encouraged by the believers’ joy and boldness. Last week S said that she wanted to be baptised like Jesus, because then, just as Jesus did, she would start her ministry! Yet, she has already begun it in the past months, sharing the good news boldly with many of her friends and neighbours. We are beginning to see ripples in the communities where we live and even in other communities as we see and hear of others who are drawn to the light. Pray for us and the believers in our community and for T (the Fulani elder), that God will sustain us in our faith in Him, that we will live wholeheartedly for Him, and that nothing will hinder us from being above reproach. Pray that our lives and witness will be such a bright light, such a sweet aroma, that others will be drawn to the truth. May we not seek the praise of men, but rather to be esteemed in God’s eyes.

350 gathered!

Praise Jesus for the gathering of over 350 Fulani believers and for the 3 who traveled far to join them and then returned to their own village changed. Continue to pray that these men would share what they are learning and faithfully disciple new believers.

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