Dorobo Breakthrough Prayer

“Lord, please deliver the Dorobo from addiction to honey wine, and instead let them be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Bargokwet in Keringet

Pray for Pastor Silas Bargokwet as he oversees six church plants in the Keringet Forest. Pray for strength and wisdom to serve these scattered churches. Pray for young leaders he can disciple to be future church leaders.

Speed the Process

Please pray that as the Dorobo churches continue to grow and multiply, the support and encouragement of western missionaries will speed the process. Praise the Lord for the godly men God has raised up to lead this movement to Christ. Pray for those who are still without Christ, especially older men who are addicted to honey wine. Pray that as they put their faith in Christ, He will deliver them from alcoholism.

Dorobo traditional honey wine

The Dorobo traditionally brew a potent honey wine. At circumcision ceremonies where young people come of age, the old men and women get very drunk on honey wine. Pray that God would break through and create a thirst for His Word that his stronger than their craving for honey wine.

Jesus Christ Honoured

Please pray for the Dorobo churches and pastors to continue to spread the gospel throughout their whole tribe, and for the Lord Jesus Christ will be honoured, obeyed and faithfully followed by all who believe in Him.

Two Dorobo pastors ordained

Praise the Lord for two Dorobo pastors ordained in the Narok area at a big service on Easter Sunday. The two men, Jonathan Nang’ari and Jackson Ng’ayami, both accepted Christ in the late 1990s and attended the Enosotua Dorobo Centre for their basic foundational teaching. Since then they’ve gone on to Bible college and have been pastoring local churches in Dorobo areas. Their elevation to fully ordained ministers in the Africa Inland Church is a big step forward for them and the Dorobo people. Pray that Jonathan and Jackson would continue to serve their people with humility and that the Gospel would spread to other neighboring villages.

Breakthrough prayer for the Dorobo

Lets pray with the Dorobo churches their breakthrough prayer: Set our elders free from their addiction to honey wine and let them be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Dorobo prayer conference

Pray for our upcoming Dorobo prayer conference for pastors and elders of the Dorobo churches. We’ve had to reschedule the meeting one week later, so the new dates will be April 3-6. Pray that the men will be encouraged by the time to be together and pray for each other. Pray for the teaching that will be shared during this conference. At our last prayer conference a number of the men asked for prayer to break the stronghold of alcoholism among the older Dorobo. Their cultural view of drinking honey wine is to get drunk as fast as you can, and this has held many of the older men back from making a commitment to Christianity. Pray that God will break this stronghold and that the older generation of Dorobo will learn to follow Jesus and be filled with the Spirit of God.

Pastor Bargokwet

On December 28 I met with Pastor Silas Bargokwet, who has been working with the Dorobo/Okiek in the Keringet area with us since 1993. Despite challenges, he gave a good report on what God has been doing in that area. They have planted about six churches and completed building a primary school and have started a secondary school. This is an area that serves both Dorobo/Okiek and Kipsigis people in a forested area. Pastor Bargokwet also has a heart for the children of the area, both orphans and children in single parent homes. The government has used him as the contact point to help these children and he’s visited over 300 homes to determine the needs and provide help. He believes God wants him to start an orphanage for these children. Continue to pray for Pastor Bargokwet that God would provide the support he needs for his missionary work. We have planned a meeting with the Dorobo/Okiek leaders for January 22, where we will survey what churches have been planted and how many have become believers. We hope this will help us to create a vision for what still needs to be accomplished.

Upbeat Funeral

Recently we bounced up to the village of Narianta behind a pickup hearse to bury the body of Pastor Reuben Sankok, who had died of spinal meningitis. Over 300 people attended the service. Despite the scratchy sound system, the community belted out Christian songs, children gave tribute to their father (Reuben left 11 children), I preached about our hope in the resurrection and a team of Dorobo pastors surrounded the casket and prayed as we laid Reuben’s body in the ground. There was grief and mourning, but there was an optimistic hope, brought on by their growing faith in Christ. Continue to pray for the family, for the children in school and for God to raise up other men to be leaders in the churches in the area.

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