A New Group That May Become A Church

Pray for the new Digo fellowship group that we are meeting with on Saturday. Pray that they continue to grow and that this will develop into a church gathering. Praise God for this group of people who are studying God’s Word together.

A Church Moves

Pray for the church in one Digo village as we plan to move on Easter Sunday. Pray for unity and for strength for M and his wife as they will without doubt receive much pressure for hosting the church in their home from now on.

Zeal and Gladness

Pray for the Digo people to be saved. Many of them are coming to Christ in faith, and the enemy is fighting hard to discourage, divide and discredit the believers. Pray for great unity, boldness, and spiritual power among all the Christians. Pray for the Digo to follow Christ with zeal and gladness.

Unity shows He is God

Pray for Christians who live and share Jesus among the Digo people, that they will be so full of love and unity in Christ that the Digo people will be convinced without a shadow of a doubt that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world, and that He will save them, if they come to Him in faith.

Purposefully Sharing

Because so many of our team are purposefully sharing the gospel with their Digo neighbors through stories or language lesson, let’s pray that the hearts are prepared by the Holy Spirit. May the Digo people have sleepless nights where Jehovah visits them and shows himself real.


Please pray that the Digo will continue to listen as Christians share the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray that they will choose to follow Jesus and leave Islam. Pray that their zeal for Him will be unquenchable.

Love Growing

Please pray that as more and more Digo are coming to faith in Christ, they will learn to love one another truly from the heart, even those who might not normally be friends.

Like a Fire

Pray for the Word of God to spread rapidly and be multiplied among the Digo. Pray that everywhere it goes it will be like a fire, igniting passionate commitment and zeal for Jesus Christ.

Seeking prayer in the wrong place.

Recently a Digo woman came seeking a large loan so she could travel to another town and have a spiritual leader pray over her. She has been unable to sleep for many months, but the doctors can find nothing wrong with her physically. When prayer in the name of Jesus was offered instead of the loan, she was unable to accept it and went away.
Please pray that these disturbances will be used by the Holy Spirit to open her heart. Pray the Lord will appear to her in a dream.

A Language Teacher Ponders

Pray for a Digo man who has taught missionaries how to speak his language for over ten years. By using the Bible as their study guide, he has been exposed to the truths in it over and over. He seems to be pondering it seriously these days. Pray for him to cross over from death into life by putting his faith in Christ.

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