They Helped Her Rebuild

Pray for the Digo Christians to help and serve others during a crisis time of many rains and flooding. One widow’s grass roof collapsed. The Christians gathered their resources and helped her rebuild. Pray that the love of Christ will be a powerful testimony of the truth of the gospel.

We Asked God for 100 Adults

A few weeks ago our small Digo church asked God for a big request, which was to bring 100 adults to our Easter celebration. For comparison, last Easter the church didn’t want to celebrate, and at Christmas we only had two others join us. In faith that God would provide, we rented a tent, 100 chairs and bought lots of food. As the Jesus film started I counted 98 adults, then I found 2 people whom I had not counted: an exact number of 100 adults present! With children included we served food to 165 people. Many stayed to watch the Jesus film and hear testimonies of other local believers. God is moving among the Digo!

God, Do Something Big!

Please join us in our prayer of faith: “Father God, please bring 100 adults to join us for chai at our church on Easter Sunday.”

Breakthrough prayer for Digo

Please pray that as the Digo have been known as the most zealous of the coastal peoples for Islam, that now they will become the most zealous for Jesus.

Now Filled With the Holy Spirit

Praise God for Abdullah, an older man who has been a powerful witchdoctor his whole life. He was told the Gospel and he fought with the spirits in him who were telling him to resist the good news. However, he decided to leave the work of being a witchdoctor, the spirits left him and he is now filled with the Holy Spirit. In this last month he has continued to remain firm in his decision, bringing 3 others to Christ as well. Pray that he can remain firm despite the fact he is now without a job or income. Pray that he can continue to be a bold witness in the face of much opposition.

Three Dreams

M. grew up as a Muslim. He stopped going to the mosque a few years ago though. He started attending church a few weeks ago. He gave his testimony to me yesterday. He recalls three dreams. The first one: he was asleep and someone was trying to cut his head off with a knife. The second one: he was at the top of a coconut tree and then he fell. The third one: the man Jesus was standing before him and told him to come. That week, he was invited to come to church. He hasn’t missed a Sunday yet. Pray that M can understand who Jesus is and what Jesus is about. Pray that M can be a faithful witness to those around him.

A Bold Digo Christian family

In a village where little truth is actually known about Jesus, the Jesus film in the tribal language was shown at the prompting of a bold Digo Christian man and his family. Almost 100 curious people showed up to hear Jesus speak their language! May His words penetrate the Digo hearts in the village of M and accomplish what He purposes. His words will not return to Him empty.

multiplying the workers

Pray for two men to be trained in Bible storying who will then go to their villages and share the stories. Pray for God to prepare good soil for the seed and that many would believe!

Vision for new school

Pray for the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania which hopes to start a primary school and a high school for local students in the town of Tanga. Usually a high school or secondary school is for students who are boarding there, so this is a new experiment. They hope that local young people can stay with their families as they reach adulthood, and will become strong productive members of the local church, involved in evangelism to their own friends and neighbours.

Drought in Digo Land

The Digo are in the middle of a very dry season; pray for the rains that will help the crops grow, and that the Digo will come to know the One who can give them living water.

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