Strong and Courageous

Pray that the Didinga believers will be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9), believing that God is always with them. Pray they will be bold in living out their faith and sharing it with their friends and family.

Peace for Eternity

As God has set eternity into the hearts of men (Ecclesiastes 3:11), pray that the Didinga will seek and turn to the only One who can bring them peace for eternity.

Praises for a great start to the new year

Praise God that the Lord is moving in the Didinga Hills! We had a good Christmas and New Years celebration and people are excited to see what the Lord will do in the new year. Eleven people who attend the Nagishot church want to be baptized. In another area where the Jesus film has been shown a few times, the people asked for someone to come and story the Bible. So we’ve been Bible storying each Wednesday morning to an eager group of listeners! Pray for these who will soon be baptized and this group who are hearing the Word of God. And pray for more workers to come join the harvest here.

Earthly and Heavenly Clothes

Pray that as people seek to buy new clothes for Christmas that they would look inside themselves and seek to know the Savior that can wash their sins away and clothe them in righteousness. Pray for hearts and lives to be changed as the Jesus film is shown out in communities each week.

Crops bring food and troubles

With a good crop of maize people have much to eat. They also have plenty of maize to brew and there is much drunkenness. Please pray that people would see the damage being done and cease brewing and selling their brew. Pray that they would seek fulfillment in their Savior and not the things of the earth.

His love to shine this season

Praise God that the wheat crop is growing well this year. Pray that hearts would be moved towards the Son this Christmas. Pray that the little church in Nagishot would show His love in a meaningful way this Christmas season. Pray for more workers to come to the Didinga Hills to share the Good News!

Hungry Hearts

Pray for the Lord to move in the hearts of many Didinga that they would take time out of their busy days to learn about Jesus. Pray as hearts hunger to know Jesus that a disciple making movement would take root and move swiftly through the hills. Pray for the few believers that they would remain faithful to the Lord. Pray for a strong man to come pastor the small church in Nagishot.

Praise for rain and language

Praise God for a great rainy season in the Didinga hills, people are enjoying an abundant maize crop, they will slowly harvest their maize during the coming months. Pray for open hearts for the gospel as the Jesus film is shown in communities, pray for small bible studies to form as a result. Praise God that the New Testament in the Didinga language has been found and added to the recorders!

Audio Bible recording needed

Pray that the Bible would be recorded in the Didinga language so it can be added to the audio ‘Bible story tellers’ players, that many may hear God’s Word and believe in Jesus.

Bible stories in Didinga

Please pray for many to hear the Word of God as audio players- ‘Bible Story Tellers’ are distributed in Didinga communities with Bible stories in the Didinga language and the Bible in English on them. Faith comes from hearing, pray many would hear and believe.

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