Hungry Hearts

Pray for the Lord to move in the hearts of many Didinga that they would take time out of their busy days to learn about Jesus. Pray as hearts hunger to know Jesus that a disciple making movement would take root and move swiftly through the hills. Pray for the few believers that they would remain faithful to the Lord. Pray for a strong man to come pastor the small church in Nagishot.

Praise for rain and language

Praise God for a great rainy season in the Didinga hills, people are enjoying an abundant maize crop, they will slowly harvest their maize during the coming months. Pray for open hearts for the gospel as the Jesus film is shown in communities, pray for small bible studies to form as a result. Praise God that the New Testament in the Didinga language has been found and added to the recorders!

Audio Bible recording needed

Pray that the Bible would be recorded in the Didinga language so it can be added to the audio ‘Bible story tellers’ players, that many may hear God’s Word and believe in Jesus.

Bible stories in Didinga

Please pray for many to hear the Word of God as audio players- ‘Bible Story Tellers’ are distributed in Didinga communities with Bible stories in the Didinga language and the Bible in English on them. Faith comes from hearing, pray many would hear and believe.

Blessing on outreach

Pray for the small Church here in Nagishot as it does outreach in the community after church most Sundays. Pray for open hearts to hear the Good News. And pray for desperately needed rain!

Hunger for the Word

Pray the Didinga would be hungry for the word of God and eager to know Him. Pray for clear bold gospel proclamation and grace to believe.

Excitement in Nagishot

Ask God to open doors for fruitful ministry among the Didinga. This past weekend saw the long anticipated missionaries arriving in Nagishot, after a period of not having any on the ground for over a year. Pray the people would not only welcome them, help them settle and learn language, but be open to hearing the good news they bring. The new arrivals are working with a young pastor. Pray for unity and great team work.

‘Elale’ (thank you)

As one of the few areas in this war weary land that is still relatively safe from the fighting, we do indeed thank the Lord! The Didinga are, however, still badly affected by the rest of the country’s troubles of run away inflation and food shortages. They have crops that they can harvest to survive, but are unable to afford anything else, like oil, sugar, salt, soap, etc. The church struggles on with the few believers. Pray for many more Didinga to come to know the Lord and Savior! Pray for workers to serve the Lord among the Didinga in this beautiful mountain range.

Update on The Didinga of South Sudan

With the country of South Sudan in such turmoil and suffering at this time, after the breakout of violence again in the capital city, Juba, the Didinga people also suffer. Their suffering is mainly that of hunger (as in many parts of SS). They are sufficiently isolated so as not to face the danger as many other places are. Pray that their crops will bring in a great harvest that enable them to not only survive, but to be able to share their harvest with those who have little to none. Pray that even in all this unsettling turmoil, many would turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for the new appointed pastor for Nagishot

Gods ways are not our ways, and this is obvious as we learn that the young pastor who was due to arrive to pick up the ministry in Nagishot, in the Didinga mountains, is not coming. Instead, another, less qualified young man, has been appointed for Nagishot. Please pray about these disappointing changes. Pray that this other pastor will turn out to be exactly what was needed for this ministry among the unreached Didinga people.

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