Need discernment

Pray for discernment for those in the Diaspora who are receiving Bibles in Arabic that include the apocrypha. Several are very new believers and have little opportunity to be discipled in person by believers in their own language.


Ask that the new believers in the Diaspora will receive discipleship in their own language and would abide with Jesus and understand the Word by His Spirit as they read.

May they long for fellowship

Ask that believers would be welcomed to study the Word in the home of a believing couple. May the brothers and sisters long for fellowship and have courage to encourage one another.


Pray for those involved in translation to treasure the Word as they study and to clearly and accurately translate.

Parents sharing with children

Ask for courage for the new believing parents to share the truth with their children despite the risk of them speaking with other relatives.

May new believers be rooted in the truth

Last night a Berber woman said that her brother is also ‘in Christ’ and another friend too. When asked what he believes she said, ‘Well, he downloaded the Word on his phone.’ In this land where believers are persecuted, there is no reason to pretend to be Christian… and this man was shot and wounded because of the Word on his phone… but pray that each one who declares allegiance to Jesus will be rooted in the true gospel and that no false doctrine would take root. Ask that new believers would abide in Jesus.

To go or stay?

A new believer who was in Europe attended church for the first time there. He did not understand the language but was overwhelmed with joy and hope in his spirit. He’s now back in North Africa and trying to decide if he wants to move somewhere his 5 kids can have freedom. Ask for wisdom for believers to know when to stay and proclaim truth at home and when to go.

Pray for wife to believe

The wife of a newly baptized brother is coming home. Pray for her to surrender to the truth of the gospel. May this be a home where believers can gather!

Needing welcome

A young woman has just returned to her home country and is asking to connect with the body of Christ there. Pray that she will be bold to tell her family of her faith and that the local believers will welcome her.

Needing protection

Pray for a young woman who just texted last night to say she was going through difficult times. Her specific request was: may God keep evil people away from me. Ask for her protection from the evil one and for her to abide in the shelter of the Most High.

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