sharing with diaspora

Praise Jesus for Hannah in the Diaspora declaring the gospel to a young Muslim from Saudi. Ask for this young woman to believe and follow. Pray that each believing Berber in the diaspora would be bold to share the truth.

thankful for grace

Ask for new believers who are facing their first Ramadan to know how to interact with Muslim family members. Pray especially for children who watch believing parents eat…and then visit Muslim grandparents… to know when to speak and when to be quiet. Pray for a renewed thankfulness for grace over this month.

set their hearts on Jesus

‘Do you believe Jesus died and rose again?’ ‘Yes’ …. ‘Would you say you are a Christian?’ ‘You could say that.’ Ask that this man who has heard and confessed much would yield his life completely to the Lord Jesus. Pray for His wife to also believe and follow. Both are eager to study the Word and to receive prayer. Ask for courage for this family and those like them to set their hearts on Jesus above all else.

counting the cost

‘Will you send me verses every day, lots of them?’ Praise Jesus for the desire He has placed in Joy’s heart to read his Word. Ask for courage for her as she fears those who have killed others for speaking unacceptably. May she and her sister see the worthiness of Jesus, count the cost and follow Him. Ask for them and the many young people like them who are searching to believe.

Need discernment

Pray for discernment for those in the Diaspora who are receiving Bibles in Arabic that include the apocrypha. Several are very new believers and have little opportunity to be discipled in person by believers in their own language.


Ask that the new believers in the Diaspora will receive discipleship in their own language and would abide with Jesus and understand the Word by His Spirit as they read.

May they long for fellowship

Ask that believers would be welcomed to study the Word in the home of a believing couple. May the brothers and sisters long for fellowship and have courage to encourage one another.


Pray for those involved in translation to treasure the Word as they study and to clearly and accurately translate.

Parents sharing with children

Ask for courage for the new believing parents to share the truth with their children despite the risk of them speaking with other relatives.

May new believers be rooted in the truth

Last night a Berber woman said that her brother is also ‘in Christ’ and another friend too. When asked what he believes she said, ‘Well, he downloaded the Word on his phone.’ In this land where believers are persecuted, there is no reason to pretend to be Christian… and this man was shot and wounded because of the Word on his phone… but pray that each one who declares allegiance to Jesus will be rooted in the true gospel and that no false doctrine would take root. Ask that new believers would abide in Jesus.

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