Pray for wife to believe

The wife of a newly baptized brother is coming home. Pray for her to surrender to the truth of the gospel. May this be a home where believers can gather!

Needing welcome

A young woman has just returned to her home country and is asking to connect with the body of Christ there. Pray that she will be bold to tell her family of her faith and that the local believers will welcome her.

Needing protection

Pray for a young woman who just texted last night to say she was going through difficult times. Her specific request was: may God keep evil people away from me. Ask for her protection from the evil one and for her to abide in the shelter of the Most High.

Need for face to face disciplers

Continue to ask that the Berbers who have reached Europe would find believers who know their language. One believing young woman just sent a text asking about the apostles. Another wrote asking about Catholicism. Praise Jesus for their hunger to learn and for texting… but please ask that they will find face-to-face disciplers.

Depending on Jesus

Ask that each new believer would continually turn to Jesus and hear His Words and then speak what He gives with great clarity and compassion wherever they are. One is right now reading the Word with his not-yet-saved mom. A family of believers is in a refugee camp looking for fellowship. A young man is writing daily to answer questions of Jesus on FB. May each depend on Jesus.

Translation work

Pray for those working on translation of the Word, that the sweet, rich truth would continue to transform their hearts even as they make it clear and available to others.

Needing to connect

The extended family of new believers just arrived in Europe. One brother was shot before leaving for having the Word on his phone; a sister and nieces/nephews followed him soon after. Each has tried to find other believers. Pray for each to connect with believers that they can communicate with. On her last FaceTime call, the sister said many were kind but she couldn’t talk to them.

Wisdom to match zeal

A young man meets today with experienced translators to discuss how to translate the Word into his dialect. Pray for patience to match his zeal and that he will be able to work well with others. Also ask that the Word would continue to amaze and delight his soul…often he will stop to say, ‘God is talking’ or ‘I love Jesus so much.’

Believing the beatitudes

One young woman sent pictures of the beatitudes asking for explanations. Together with a sister in Jesus, a believing Berber brother wrote back with personal examples of mourning, being comforted, of being persecuted and blessed. Pray that the Berbers scattered around the world would continue to minister to each other in love.

Family of believers!

Praise Jesus for the family with at least four believers who love to study the Word and pray together. Ask that God give them courage to continue and disciple their children too.

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