God’s plans for her good

She was imprisoned for 23 days when she was expecting her son, the gift she had prayed for. There she saw a foreign believer forced to put on the veil and say the words required by her captors. When she stood up for the woman, she was punched and a tooth was chipped… but she was not afraid. She said, “I knew that if God had plans for me out of prison, he would set me free.” He did have plans! He drew her to himself. Pray that she would live full of courageous faith. Pray for others being persecuted to stand firm and exalt Christ.

She’s found Hope!

A young woman sent pictures of the passages of scripture she has been reading and texted, “I have found hope and life and forgiveness in Jesus. God has called me to tell all who will hear of His Way of Light.” She has been reading the Word to her two sisters and their children and to her Arab friend and her children and asked to be sent verses daily. Ask for continued hunger, zeal, and proclamation.

Free but hurting

The young man who was in prison is now out, but under continued pressure from authorities. Please continue to pray that God will fill him with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom, that he will live a life worthy of the Lord bearing fruit, and that he will be strengthened. Col. 1

Let us stand with our brother

A young man is now in prison because he chose to follow Jesus and speak the gospel. Pray that “because of his chains other brothers and sisters will speak the Word more courageously and fearlessly.” Pray that “through our prayers and the help of the Spirit this will turn out for his deliverance” and that he will “have sufficient courage so that Christ will be exalted in his body whether by life or by death.” Phil 1

Needing to hold fast

As family members threatened death and fellow believers were followed and also threatened, he turned to the small group of believers and said, “I’m ready to die for Jesus, are you? ” Ask that believers would hold tightly to Jesus!

The greatest is Love

A young woman asked, “Can you sing a song of love?” As she listened to a song from I Cor 13 and read the passage, she told stories of counterfeit selfish hurtful love. She is memorizing the song of truth now. Pray for women to learn about and receive Christ’s steadfast enduring love.

Living water

She had a dream of a white house surrounded by white flowers. Inside was a faucet. As she drank from the faucet, she found it sweet and satisfying and woke with her thirst quenched. She later read John 4 about Jesus as living water. Ask that Berbers would continue to receive dreams and be satisfied in Jesus.

Not forgotten

Her niece is a believer and begged, “Please don’t forget her, she’s close!” A few days later, her aunt turned her wrist to show the pattern of her veins spelling God in Arabic. “Whenever I feel alone, I look at my wrists and see God does not forget me.” Then a believer showed her Isaiah 49:15,16 where God declares we are engraved on His hands and never forgotten and she heard of Jesus’ wounds on the cross. Pray that Berbers will know of the cross and that they have not been forgotten.

Close to the kingdom!

‘I want to read for myself and decide what to believe,’ she said and then read the Word for about two hours asking questions like: “Did Jesus really die?” Or “Is Mary Aaron’s sister?” And then she declared, “The Koran is wrong. It is not written by God. Moh. is not the last prophet.” Then later, “We are not saved by works but by believing.” Please pray that she and many other Berbers would learn of the truth of Scripture and the cross and grace!

Courageously loving his mother

A young Berber man was baptized last week and has been begging his mom to see the difference in his life. She threatened to tell the soldiers and have him killed. He pleaded with her to see Christ’s arms open on the cross ready to receive her. Pray that each who believe will be courageously loving and tell their families.

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