Good soil

The Bara people of southern Madagascar have been hearing the gospel through the Jesus film and one on one discipleship initiatives. Several evangelists are reaching out far and wide amongst the Bara. Praise God for His moving amongst the Bara! Pray that God will continue to move and prepare Bara hearts, like good soil to plant God’s word and see fruit spring up.

Rain, Crops and Malaria

We are in the rainy season in Bara lands. That means: A lot of rain, plantations growing, food, water to drink, but also, malaria. Malaria kills people in the South. Children are the most affected. Because of Bara rituals, they usually don’t go to the hospital. And 90% of Bara villages don’t have access to health care. In most cases the hospital is hours from the village. Another problem is the corruption (fake medicine, high price of injections) among doctors… So, please, pray for this time, that God protects people from Malaria and also that they discover in Jesus Christ, the help in time of need.

Christ being formed in them

We have seen some Bara people coming to Christ in a miraculous way. Could you pray for them that they will grow in faith and in the desire to know more the Lord Jesus? Pray that the Holy Spirit will help them not fall into syncretism or some kind of misunderstanding of the Message of the Gospel.

God bless you

Evangelist training

Thank you for praying for the training. Please pray for the 60 Evangelists from the Malagasy Lutheran Church and 1 Pastor from Assembly of God Church that were taught new strategies of Evangelism towards Bara People. They were taught in Farming in God’s Way Program and Story -Tellers Program, and were given the Bara language Bible in audio form.
Please pray that God will burden their hearts for Bara People, and they will  share boldly about Jesus.



Strategic training

Please join us in prayer. Today we will have 3 Farming God’s Way training and 1 Story-Tellers Training: Evangelism strategies. We are receiving 24 Evangelists, 6 Pastors and 22 Bible Teachers from different parts of Southern Madagascar. They are from Lutheran Church and work in Bara area. Our desire is that the Lord will help them to look beyond towards the Unreached Bara people and use the stories as well as Farming to reach out to Bara people. May God grant us grace to teach well and grace to the 5 Malagasy Co-workers we have: Pr. Emanoella, Pastor Haja, Pastor Tolotra, Justine and Armand. They will also teach. Thank you.

We are thirsty!!!!

“Fernando, our people are thirsty. Could you come to our village to broadcast the film Jesus?”
People are becoming tired of their old ways, specially when they see that all the witchcraft they use isn’t able to protect them from evil. Demons keep attacking many Bara villages. Could you pray that God would touch their hearts to turn to Him? That God would manifest his power and love among Bara people so they would leave behind all their witchcraft practices and become followers of Christ?


Syncretism is the mix of religions. We saw many times in the Bible that even Israel practiced this: “… they pray to the Lord, but also sacrificed in the hills…” Could you pray that those Bara that are turning to Christ, will be changed in a such way, that their old religious practices will be thrown aside and only Jesus will be exalted, consulted, and worshiped!

Bara for Christ!!!!!

At least 300 hundred people in the village of Benato and 200 people in the village of Matsiso have watched the Jesus Film this week. Could you please pray that the devil doesn’t take the seeds of the gospel away? And that God uses this ministry to bring people to Himself?

Radio and Stories of God in Bara

It has been 1 year now that we have been broadcasting the stories of God on the local radio. Bara people are used to listening to the radio, so it is a great strategy to reach out to the villages further away. Could you please pray that God uses these stories to speak to the hearts of Bara people? Please, cry out to God for their salvation. God bless you!

Jesus film

Could you join us in prayer that the Film Jesus would awaken the interest in the Bara people to know more about ‘Zañahary’ (The Lord) and His son?
We have shown the film in more then 12 villages. Pray that the Holy Spirit keeps reminding them of the love of God in the cross.