Is there anyone alive in Betroka?

“Is there anyone still living in Betroka?” This was the question that Pastor Emanoela was asked last Friday while in a town far from Betroka.
The cattle thieves are continuing to steal. Could you please pray that the fear of ‘Zañahary’ ( the LORD) come over their hearts? Could you please pray for their conversion? May God have mercy on them! They are the very Bara people we want to reach out with the Gospel.


Children for Christ

“Jana, I will tell this story in my village,” said a little Bara girl named Izaiah, when she heard the story of Creation. Could you please pray for the 160 children we have in the Coworkers Children Ministry Program? May God save them and change their hearts so that they become a light in their own families and villages.

Children Ministry

Children are a great strategy for reaching out to people still unreached. We have in our Children Ministry more than 200 children that, every Saturday and Wednesday, come to listen to the Bible Stories. Please pray that those children will be changed by God, and serve as an instrument of sharing the gospel in their own villages and families.

Malasos are still attacking!

The Malasos are Bara men that steal cattle. Armed with guns and ‘protections’ (witchcraft), they are still causing terror in Betroka and surroundings areas. Even the police are afraid of them. Their witchcraft is very powerfull.Just this week they stole more then 120 bulls, leaving behind sadness, anger, and people thirsty for revenge. Those who raised the livestock are getting more and more bitter.
Please pray for those Bara malasos – they are the very Bara we want to reach with the Gospel – that they can see the evil of their actions and feel the weight of sin, and also the beauty of Christ, who alone can change our lives. Pray that the church will engage in the evangelization of them and in the future, by God’s grace, we may see a huge harvest among these thieves.

ReJoice: A new Way is coming

“We are tired of the life we live … we want a new life a new way.” That was the phrase we heard from one leader of a Bara village. The evangelist of a local church has been working among them, and now the fruit is appearing!

We are seeing the work and power of Christ acting in the midst of darkness, bringing light to Bara people! More then 40 people accepted Christ, throwing out their witchcraft. Now we can say, “The land that was in Darkness has seen a great Light!”

The Church of Christ is flourishing in the most distant places among a people that did not know the Savior but now we have the same faith, the same love …. the same Cross!


Encouragement to keep going.

Please pray for encouragement. The evangelists from the Lutheran Church that we work with are afraid of coming back to their own villages because of the insecurity. We have heard many cases of Malasos (Cattle thieves) killing people and causing fear in the villages surrounding Betroka. May God bless the work of those who went out in the Name of Jesus and bring many Malaso ( the very Bara people we want to reach out with the Gospel)  to Christ.

Following Jesus and the test of faith.

Please join us in pray for Zaona and his family. He is a Bara, close friend, and also a brother in Christ. Since he gave his life to Jesus, things haven’t gone well. His wife is trying to get pregnant but she can’t – children are very important in their culture. Some of their family have said that is happening because they are following Jesus.

After one week working very hard in the rice fields, Zaona harvested 3- 50 kg bags  of rice, but one night Zaona had his rice stolen by malasos. Again his family said it is because he is not following the way of the ancestors anymore. Other things have happened as well.

However, Zaona has kept firm in the faith. Please, pray that God grants Zaona and his family grace to face the challenges of following Christ without giving up, also to witness in their village about Jesus, in love, be the good perfume of Christ among his own people.

Community of Morarano

The community of Morarano watched the Jesus Film last Wednesday. Pray that the seeds of the Gospel remain in their hearts and a church be born in this place. More than 90 Bara watched the Life of Jesus. Pray that God protect this people, so involved in witchcraft, that the seeds of truth won’t be stolen by the Devil.

Film Jesus: The seeds are been planted

Please pray that the Jesus Film, shown in the villages of: Ambatomanga, Fandranarivo, Mananove, Ambatomasy, Lanabinda, Bararata, and Beharena, to about 800 people in total (most of them Bara), would continue changing lives and bringing people back to God through the Work of the Cross?

Pray also that God rebukes satan and his demons and prevents them from taking away the seeds of the Gospel sown in those hearts.


Fanjanarivo: Salvation belongs to the Lord!

We showed the Jesus film in the village of Fanjanarivo, south of Betroka,  with Pr. Manoela, and Pr. Jean, and we are seeing a harvest. Last week, 10 Bara adults were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thank God for his amazing work among Bara and for this fruit. Its HIM who loves this people. We ask you to intensify your prayers towards Bara. God will honor our prayers. He will bring many sons and daughters from Bara into His kingdom.

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