Needing boldness

Believers that used to meet and encourage each other are now not meeting because of persecution, people leaving, and fear. Ask that God would embolden His children and that they would have fellowship with one another.

Filled with compassion

The house of a recently orphaned teenager burnt down. A new believer was filled with compassion and shared her clothes, dishes… and also the Word with her. A brother in Jesus wrote a song about God as Father to be sung for her. Ask that the believers would continue to speak the Word as they minister in love.

Loving the Light

One Arab woman saw her Berber friend reading the Word and began to read with her. Later she texted: ‘I love to read the Word; will you study with me too? I love the Lord Jesus.’ Ask that she follow Jesus wholeheartedly as Lord and that those who believe will continue to hold out light to friends!

May he believe

An Arab man is married to a new Berber believer. He is open to the gospel and asked to meet with another believer last night for coffee. He asked many questions, listened to the gospel, and accepted prayer, but he is not yet ready to surrender. Pray he would bow his knee and be given faith to receive Christ’s gift of life! Ask for the salvation of his family… including all 5 children.

Veil to be removed

As an Arab woman listened to the story of how a friend had heard of Jesus and come into the light. She said that she was interested but frustrated when she heard about the Trinity. Please pray for the veil to be removed and for God to reveal Himself to her and others like her as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


“If I deny Jesus only with my mouth, he knows my heart, right? I am so weak. I love my family. ” An Arab man texted heart-wrenching questions in fear, knowing the threat is real. Ask that he and other Arabs would set their hearts on Jesus and remember His worth.


As they discussed the Night of Power and visions, an Arab woman described how her mother had seen a dove come from heaven and touch her head. A blind woman was walking with her and when told about it said, ‘You should have let me know! I would have asked for my sight.’ Yet right after the story when they heard of Jesus…they rejected him. ‘We ask for visions, but not of the Messiah.’ Ask that in their longing to see, they would not reject the only One who gives sight!

Young people reading the Word

A 16 year old Arab girl asked to see and read the gospel in Arabic. She read chapters at a time and asked insightful questions. Her 13 yr old brother came up and said, “Of course, you are talking of Jesus, right? And have you spoken of Peter or John the Baptist yet?” He had read for hours on the net! Pray that young Arab children would hear and believe!

believer baptized!

A man who has believed for years was baptized last week. He has tasted persecution and fear but in great courage chose obedience. There were many tears. Ask for many more to believe and obey.

Diaspora Testimonies Affect Arab Families

When Zainab’s foreign believing sister-in-law in America persevered in love in her marriage to Zainab’s alcoholic brother, her view of Christians changed. She sought out Christians in her home city and said she wanted to read the New Testament. Pray that Arabs who have contact with believers will communicate the beauty of Jesus to other family members. Ask that they would be drawn to study the Word.

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