New believer!

Praise Jesus for a new sister who heard the gospel first through a new Berber believer. Praise Jesus that He speaks across people groups! Ask that this Arab woman would continue to read with her Berber sister and that each would grow in the knowledge of Jesus.

Needing courage

Continue to ask for courage for new believers. Each one who has told family and friends has received threats. Pray against a spirit of fear. Ask that each recognize that nothing can separate them from the love of Christ. Ask that they would not fear him who harms only the body. Pray for peaceful hearts that choose to be anxious about nothing but in everything give thanks and turn to Jesus in prayer.

Accept by faith

Ask for humility and a willingness to receive by faith the clear truth of the gospel along with the mysteries of God that in our finiteness can never be fully understood.

Sisters seeking salvation

Two sisters in a large family hungrily listened to the gospel and marveled at the resurrection of Jesus. Later one met up with a Berber believer and said sometimes it was difficult to talk about Jesus in front of the neices. Pray that their hunger for righteousness will be greater than their fear. Ask that this Berber believer would read the Word with the Arab sisters. Pray that these sisters would receive salvation and for increased boldness for new believers.

Jesus answered her prayer for revelation

A young woman was afraid that believing in Jesus would make God angry… and asked for revelation. That night Jesus came to her in a dream smiling and joyful. She wrote another local believer on FB: I have embraced Jesus but I don’t know much yet and have no one to study with. Praise Jesus for his merciful revelations and ask that this young woman and others like her would receive fellowship and discipleship.

Testimony this weekend

A young man was asked by another local believer who lives abroad to share his story of persecution with a group who prays for North Africa this weekend. Ask that the beauty and power of Jesus would be clear and his testimony used for God’s purposes. Another group is planning to meet to write Arabic worship songs. Ask that each believer would walk in humility and be clean vessels for the Masters use.

wanting freedom

Two Arab colleagues are quite frustrated with the lack of freedom they experience, especially as women. One asked about Jesus’ view of women. She also said she’d like to study the Word. Pray for her Tuesday as we plan to read the story of the woman at the well. Ask that she and those like her would see how precious she is to Jesus and receive living water.

Guide them to Truth

One woman was confused by a ‘pastor’ who did not speak the truth online. Pray for all those who are looking online, that they will discern truth from lies, and that those posting the Word and songs and answers will be walking in the light of the Spirit.

May she see the beauty of the Spirit

A woman and her sister came to the international church with questions. She’s writing a paper on the Holy Spirit. Pray that those who disciple her would be clear and that she would see the beauty of the Spirit of God breathing life throughout history and be drawn to the Spirit of Christ… and become one who hears His Spirit testify to her spirit that she is a child of God


A young man at university has been reading chapter by chapter from the beginning and is now at Deuteronomy. Ask that he would see the depth of our sin and the beauty of God’s deliverance throughout the Word.

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