Please pray that each new believer would be courageous to read the Word of God and obey it. Pray for roots in the truth to grow deep. So many are alone, afraid to meet, afraid to have the Word seen on their phone, afraid to pull out a paper copy, afraid to tell others. Many want to leave because of fear, as well as the conflict, explosions, and physical difficulties. Ask for perseverance.

Battling believers

A new sister wrote to say she has been fighting evil spirits in her dreams. When she calls out the Name of Jesus, they go away. She said it’s scary but amazing to know that God is real. Yesterday at 1:30 am she wrote asking for verses…so that she could sleep. Ask that she and other battling believers stand strong according to Ephesians 6.

Obedience and fear

A young new believer just asked to be baptized and wanted a believer of 1 year to be there with her. Jesus came to her in a dream a few weeks ago and told her to tell others of Him. She is afraid. She dreamt last night that she saw unbelievers in fire, and she was in a room alone but was being beaten and had the scars of Jesus. She said it hurt physically. She asked her family for help and no one would. Pray for courage for new believers.

The beauty of Jesus’ sacrifice.

A new sister just asked if the Eid l-Adha (celebration where Muslims sacrifice a sheep to remember the ram provided for Abraham’s almost-sacrifice of ‘Ishmael’) was wrong to celebrate. Please pray for new believers as family members sacrifice. Ask that they know the beauty of Jesus’ final sacrifice and have opportunities to share the truth of Heb 10.

Walk worthy

Praise Jesus for the boldness of a young believer who is reading with several seekers. Ask for perseverance and hope and continued courage. May she and the other new believers walk worthy of the calling they have received with all humility, gentleness, patience and love.

Sisters seeking

Three sisters are all asking questions about Jesus; one wants to look at the Spirit throughout the Word. One wants proof and a sign. Pray for Jesus to reveal Himself personally to each one and for this family and other families to believe and follow the Lord Jesus.

Courage despite fear

Pray for the young man and his friend who asked for and received the Word from a local believer. Praise Jesus for increased courage. This brother had previously been very afraid and the last time he gave out the Word, the man was connected to the militias and threatened his life repeatedly. This time, the man who received the Word is excitedly reading. Ask for new life and continued increased boldness of witness!

pray for more courage

Pray for those who have confessed their faith to others online, but are afraid to meet brothers and sisters face to face. Ask for courage for them to speak the truth among their families. Pray that they will discern who to speak with and how. Ask that fear not control any follower of Christ.

the beauty of full surrender

‘I believe all that you are saying; just give me time.’ Pray for Robin to not only hear and understand but fully believe and follow Jesus. As she meets with another local sister, may she see the beauty of full surrender to Him and may they experience the sweetness of Spirit fellowship.

New believer!

An Arab woman just chose to follow Jesus last week. Ask for growing hunger and for consistent discipleship. Ask that she and each new believer courageously identify with Jesus and boldly discern how to testify of grace to their community. Ask also for fellowship with local believers.