Strongholds be broken!

Please ask for deliverance from the evil one. Several families are suffering because of a family member tormented by evil spirits. Most do not deny their presence. Some do. Ask for repentance from sin that gives permission to the evil one to build strongholds. May covenants and curses that bind them be broken by the Name and blood of Jesus. Ask for conviction for those in authority who have so grieviously hurt the ‘least of these.’ Pray for forgiveness and healing and freedom for the wounded. So so much darkness and sorrow. May they see Jesus with open arms ready to receive them, their names on His scarred hands.


Many Arabs are in times of turmoil because of hatred or war. Fighting is forbidden during Ramadan. Several have voiced their confusion as they flee violence and try to find a place of peace to fast. Pray that this will tear down the white-washed wall (Ez 13) and expose the false prophets who say ‘Peace’ where there is no peace. Pray that the church in these lands would rise up with words of hope and truth and with practical help and compassion.

Be watchful

An older believer just led a young man to Christ who is living in the Diaspora. Pray for this new brother (and the many other young believers living far from home) to find fellowship and discipleship. As evil ones ‘rise up and distort the truth’, ask that each will be ‘watchful.’ “Jesus, we entrust each one to you and to the message of your grace.” Acts 20

Studying the Word

An older woman who is studying the Word asked, “Is God angry when you go to church and worship Jesus?” After reading and speaking of the Deity of Christ, she said that she understood why we worship Him. She read aloud from John 3 and Colossians, and when asked who she thinks Jesus is, she replied, “He is the Son of God who died and paid for my sin.” Please pray that she will not only acknowledge who He is but also choose to follow Him. Her sister wants to study with us… and her nieces and nephews come to listen. Ask for this family to believe and follow!


Several young women continue to experience hopelessness and depression. Four are agnostic; they have rejected Islam, and are crying out for freedom and rights for women. Even as they long for independence and worth, they find everything empty, purposeless. Please ask that each would know they are created in God’s image for His purposes. Ask that they will understand the love of Christ, the sacrifice of the cross, and eternal hope. Three of the new believers also fight depression… usually preceded by fear, hiding their faith and a sense that no one understands and nothing will change. Please pray against the spirit of depression and ask for courageous hope that recognizes the resurrection power of Christ in them. Ask for boldness and truth and increased fellowship with believers.

Asking great questions!

A woman said yesterday: ‘We believe that to get to heaven we must wear the hijab, give to the poor and speak kindly… what do you believe allows you to enter heaven? “ Later she asked, “How do you know which prophets and books are from God?” And then later, “Do we (Mus) sacrifice the sheep in the Eid to get forgiveness of sin? Why do you not sacrifice?” She then listened to Adam and Abraham’s stories… and read from 1John 4, Heb 10. Please pray that Jesus would keep stirring eternal questions in the hearts of Arabs and ask that they receive His Word, believe and follow!

Sufficient courage

Continue to pray that each new believer “will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in [their] bod[ies], whether by life or by death.” Philippians‬ ‭1:20‬ ‭
Ask that love would overcome fear and because of the same “spirit of faith” each would “believe and therefore speak.”
2 Cor 4:13

Asking questions

A young man came asking questions about Christ and is eagerly listening to truth. Ask for courage and clarity and love for the two brothers (one S. Asian, one Lib’) who will connect with him.

Courage to rise up with faith

There are people who contact radio or TV stations saying that they believe, but when they receive a phone call from a brother/sister, they say they do not believe. Ask for courage and discernment, for fellowship, for each believer to rise up with faith!


Several new believers are fighting depression, loneliness and despair. Ask that each would learn to “rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulations and be constant in prayer.” Pray that as each goes through times of pain, they would receive the tribulation as threshing, a means of separating chaff from grain… (a tribulum is a threshing tool). May all dry husks of self and flesh be peeled away and the true grain of the Word remain.