Sharing Jesus

One of the disciples who attended the discipleship training last month is traveling to share Jesus today with several other villages. He’s been invited to pray with a family whose child is 4 years old yet unable to walk. Please pray with us for traveling mercies, open doors, and open hearts on his journey. May Jesus be praised!

You prayed…He answered

On Mar 29, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Praise God for the ladies’ Bible study group in one area, which came out of the desire of a ‘secret’ believer that many other neighbours would hear God’s Word. Pray for this believer, that she would grow in Jesus and would seek to run this group completely on her own.” God answered this way: “She is quick to pray for salvation and health for those around her. And she is bold and outspoken, as well as being very compassionate. When discussing studying God’s Word with others, she said ‘I will be a teacher’. Since that day, with a couple of groups listening to Bible stories, she has begun owning the role of teacher!”

Outreach report

Thank you for praying for the Global Disciples training. It was very much enjoyed by the trainees. During the second two weeks doing outreach in a nearby area, they found that some people were willing to listen and discuss but others were not- trainees were chased away by people with sticks. Please pray for courage and the encouragement of the trainees, and softening of people’s hearts towards the Gospel.

Spiritual Forces

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.” Eph 6: 12 Please pray against the unseen spiritual forces of evil which hold many in bondage and inhibit them through fear and deception. May the Spirit of Lord bring freedom! May many Alagwa step out and follow Jesus.

Oral translation of Luke

We praise the Lord for His help in orally translating the first half of the Gospel of Luke! Please pray for the second half. Its a big task and we all need strength and perseverance and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to produce a good translation.

Discipleship training

Please pray for the month-long discipleship training the Alagwa church is hosting, with the hope to plant a church in a neighbouring village. 18 delegates have already arrived from various places and people groups.

Pray for these believers who have travelled far and are eager to learn, that they will be able to see God’s truth and his goodness clearly despite Satan’s attempts to distract and delay. Pray for fruit from this training: that many will be mobilised to share the gospel in new places. Also pray for a lasting effect on the sending churches, that they would have a passion for the lost, and a vision to keep sending people out.

battle for a soul

An Alagwa friend called to say she would be unable to visit our village, because she was sick. When we discussed rescheduling she told me, “tomorrow I have church.” Praise Jesus! This friend is fighting a hard battle right now against the evil of this world. Please pray for her to have continued encounters with Christ. Even if we are unable to meet face to face, may she be able to feel and experience the presence of Jesus daily.

Translation work

Please pray for the Alagwa translators working on the book of Luke, particularly today and tomorrow. Some translators are Christians, but most are not.
Pray for good understanding and a clear translation, so that many Alagwa will be able to hear and understand God’s word in their heart language.
Please especially pray for the translators who are not believers, yet are spending whole days studying God’s word. May their eyes be open to the good news of God’s love for them.

New leaders!

Praise God for the new leadership now in place in the church planted amongst the Alagwa in one village. There are two elders and two deacons. Of the four of them, two are Alagwa and two are not Alagwa but have come in to the area as teachers at local schools. Pray for these men, that they will continue to grow in the love of God and in their leadership.
Pray for the church pastor as he mentors these men in their leadership roles.

Jesus at work

Please pray for S. He was sick with a cold and fever and came to seek prayer, even though previously he had been nervous and not wanted to even come in to our house. This time he did come in, and we prayed for his healing in Jesus’ name. And Jesus healed him! Since then he’s made multiple visits to share with our family. Yesterday he told us about similarities between what the Bible says about Jesus and what his faith says about Jesus. Please join our prayer that he will continue to see and seek these connections, and to tell others about what he is learning as Jesus works in him.