A Mighty Work of the Spirit

Pray for the Holy Spirit to work mightily among the Alagwa, filling the believers with boldness to confess their faith in Christ to their families and friends. Pray for unity among the missionaries and nationals who are working to reach them with the gospel. Pray that the Word of God will be translated and that many will hear it and believe.

A Week Of Bible Study

Please pray for the next Scripture translation week in July. Pray for all the translators to be able to attend, and for God to prepare their hearts as they come for a week-long Bible study! Particularly pray for the translators who are not believers, that their hearts and spirits would be touched by God, and that they would respond to Him. Please also pray for the challenging logistics to come together well.

Praying for Her Children

Praise God for a believer being discipled who is starting to pray in earnest for the salvation of her children. Please pray with her!

Complete Deliverance from Demonic Spirits

Please pray for an Alagwa believer who is passionate to see his mother released from demonic oppression. His mother has heard the gospel and would like to be prayed for and to follow Jesus. Right now, the demon gives her power her to practice as a witchdoctor and has a fairly large amount of control over her. Last Wednesday evening this man planned to go with two older Christians to pray for his mother. Please pray for this woman’s complete deliverance and that she would commit her life whole heartedly to Jesus.

Planned But Not Yet Started

Please pray for a ladies’ Bible study group, being planned with an Alagwa believer. It has not yet started, maybe in part due to good rains which have meant that farming is taking much of the ladies’ time. Please pray that God will make this group happen in his way and time. Please pray for a continued passion in the heart of the Alagwa believer to see her friends and neighbours hear God’s word and find his truth.

Stepping Out in Prayer

Praise God for an Alagwa believer. She shared how she had been praying for her husband as things had not been good between them. Previously, she had gone to one of the team for prayer. This last week, some of the problems began to reoccur, so she just started to pray on her own, and saw God change the situation around. What an encouragement to see her stepping out in prayer.

Happy To Listen With All Her Friends There

Praise God for an Alagwa lady who was really excited to hear about Jesus at a Christmas party. She is now listening to the Bible stories in Alagwaisa and loves to hear them and wants to know about God. Praise God that two other Alagwa women are involved in sharing Jesus with her, and that she is also happy to listen with all her friends being there. Please pray that she and her whole family will follow Jesus together.

“And You Will Be In Front To Lead Me”

Please pray for one Alagwa man who started following Jesus some time ago but has been struggling and has avoided fellowship with other believers. Last week, he prayed a prayer of repentance. He told God “I will be behind, and you will be in front to lead me.”
PLEASE PRAY for this man; that this prayer will continue to ring in his heart, and will bear fruit in his life. The battle is real, but God is faithful.

Salt and Light

Please pray for Alagwa believers, who are starting to walk a new path in their community and culture. Pray that they would be wise and courageous to be salt and light amongst their neighbours and family.

The Right Women To Join The Group

Please pray for a worker and an Alagwa believer as they seek to set up a women’s discipleship bible study group together. Pray for the Alagwa believer to grow in her faith and be able to take on leadership of the group at the right time. Please pray for the right women to join this group and remain faithfully in it. Please pray for a harvest of disciples who can continue to make disciples.

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