Faith Comes By Hearing

Please continue to pray that the Word of God can be translated into the Alagwa language, and that through this process many will put their faith in Jesus Christ. We know that faith will come by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ that is preached to them.

After 5 Years He’s Softening

Praise God for an elderly Alagwa man who, after 5 years of hearing and understanding the gospel yet refusing Jesus, is finally turning towards Jesus. Please pray that he would continue to open his heart up to God. Please also pray that he would share more with his wife, so that they can follow Jesus together.

Outreach to the Alagwa

A team of students from two Bible schools will be visiting for outreach ministry the Alagwa people in the town of Kondoa on the 25th to the 29th April 2018. We want God to use all of us for the ministry of encouragement, prayers, presence, as well as doing all that will benefit the body of Christ there (the Christian team living among this people group). Pray for good results by the Holy Spirit, good health and the unity of the team. Thanks!

Not So Secret

Praise God for the ladies’ Bible study group in one area, which came out of the desire of a “secret” believer that many other neighbours would hear God’s word. Pray for this believer, that she would grow in Jesus and would seek to run this group completely on her own.

A Hungry Couple

Pray for an Alagwa couple who are beginning to listen to the Alagwaisa Bible stories and seem to have a real hunger to understand the ways of Jesus. The husband is taking a lot of ownership in the process, facilitating and encouraging his wife’s learning. Pray for them to come to Jesus together as a family and for them to live a courageous and clear witness in the community.

Continuing to Rely on Jesus

Praise God for the Alagwa woman baptised a few months back. Despite having come from a hugely demonic background, she is continuing to follow Jesus and rely on him. Please pray for her as she continues to be discipled. Please pray for protection and – Ephesians 3, 17-8- a deepening understanding of how much God loves her.

Open Their Eyes Lord

Please pray that God would open many Alagwa eyes to their need to repent and turn to Jesus. Many eyes are blinded to sin, and people feel that somehow they will be ok with God. May they know the true freedom from sin and the joy of being God’s children.

Encountering Christ through His Word

Please pray for the Alagwa who are helping translate the book of Luke, especially those who are not Christians. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes and give them the skills and wisdom they need to translate God’s word. Pray that they would encounter Christ through his word and commit their lives to him.

A Huge Step For Her

Please pray for the 5 believers who were baptised Christmas Eve, for their discipleship and strengthening. Pray especially for one of them who had been possessed and oppressed by serious demonic forces for many years. She had been challenged to follow Jesus a number of times over the last few years and has been prayed for many times. In the last few months, she finally accepted her need for Jesus and decided to follow him. This is a huge step for her. Please pray for her protection, and that the Holy Spirit will teach, strengthen and protect her over the coming weeks and months.

Boldly Proclaim

Please pray that the Alagwa Christians will boldly proclaim their faith in Christ during the Christmas season, and that others will take courage from their example.

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