Easter Service

Pray that the Muslim friends who attended and accepted the invitation to the Easter Service will still be impacted by the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus that they heard. That the Holy Spirit bring those truths to mind.

Diaspora in SA

Pray for the refugees that have resettled in São Paulo. We want to see God touch them as they seek to learn the language, get jobs, and adjust to a new culture. We pray that they will come to know Jesus. And pray for the two workers that are ministering among them there.

Evangelism forum

Please pray for a 2-day evangelism training forum we are hosting in April in partnership with Operation Mobilization, to train African -Canadian believers how to reach out to Muslim and other Canadians.

Diaspora in SA

Please ask God to open the eyes of the Church in South America and to see the great opportunity they have to reach out to the refugees and migrants from African-UPG’s right on their doorstep.

We want to see God opening more doors for our Unit to minister to refugee groups all over South America. We want to be creative in reaching out to them. Please pray for us.

Somalis in Cardiff

Somali people have been in Cardiff for over 150 years, having originally entered as Seamen & then settled & formed a community. On the whole, there hasn’t been much engagement with them over the years and so pray for wisdom on how best to engage with them and partner with likeminded organizations seeking to reach them. Pray that the local churches will be envisioned to intentionally engage with them & recognize the mission field right at their doorsteps. Pray for fruitful engagement efforts over the next 12 months.

Meal in USA mosque

In the middle of March, 50 believers will sit down with 50 Muslims for a meal in the mosque. The believers desire to build relationships with the Muslims they meet. Pray for God’s peace to conquer fear in the believers and wisdom in their approach to dialogue. Pray for open hearts and a willingness to pursue a relationships with the Muslims.

A Diaspora Christian’s Struggles

The enemy’s voice was definitely so clear: stop this Arabic-speaking community group- otherwise you will be hurt! But God’s sweet and soft voice encouraged us to keep trusting HIM and to keep doing it.
Things have gotten harder as we go on.
Our financial situation, being on the edge of depression, lack of sleep, things breaking, conflict, nightmares, threats-especially to our baby!
These have made us more on our knees and spiritually aware that the enemy is fighting and God is working for His glory. Still, sometimes, we have fear and thoughts that we just need to leave.
We know that in Islam I am an infidel and that by Islamic law I should be killed just because I am a convert and that my daughter is unclean.
I am not saying that this will happen and I am not afraid, but I also know that the mosque and its people aren’t happy with us. We definitely need more prayers. We feel discouraged and guilty that I am hurting the very people I love. Please pray for us.

Pastors mentoring program

We believe mainstream pastors and African church leaders in Canada have a lot to learn from each other, and from each others’ churches. In Toronto this winter we are launching a pastoral mentoring network that we pray will encourage the African leaders and strengthen their congregations, as well as give a vision to mainstream churches for Diaspora ministry. Please pray for God’s blessing.

Needing fellowship

Today we went to help with the English class. One of the teachers told me about a new student who is from Somalia. He is a Christian. His parents were Christians in Somalia. His mother was killed in front of him for her faith. He lives now with a house full of employees of the meatpacking plant and they are all Muslim. I had some brief time to talk with him. Please pray for A; he wants to finish his education. He is 23 years old and reached 7th grade. Pray for his spiritual growth.

Noel Somalis

A meatpacking plant in Noel, Missouri employs 500 Somali immigrants. Noel is a small community of less than 2,000 residents. The Somali presence has had an impact on the community. Some local residents have moved away. Somalis have proactively opened businesses and established a mosque in town. They stick closely to their community and don’t mix with the local residents. Pray for the few small churches, that they will unite to proclaim Jesus’ love to the Somalis. Pray for the ESL classes that are offered by Kingdom- minded Christians to immigrants employed at the meatpacking plant.

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