Diaspora in Wisconsin

Pray for the Somali community in Barron, WI. Ask the Lord to open the hearts of many and bring seekers of truth to our WELL ministry center. May many find Christ!

Diaspora in USA

It has been such a joy to spend time with precious West African ladies each week in Memphis. Please pray that the Lord will continue to work in the hearts of these ladies and their families, drawing them to Himself.

Diaspora in Portland

We praise God for amazing Christmas get- togethers with friends from Libya, Iraq, Saudi, and Iran. Please pray for God to work in their hearts as we continue to engage these dear people with the Good News. May they be recalling the conversations and asking deeper questions that will draw them to our Lord.

Diaspora in Detroit

We hosted 2 Christmas events, one for Arabic refugees and another for Swahili refugees. Pray for these efforts to foster a sense of family and community between the refugees and our church volunteers to bear much fruit. Pray for interest in other events.

Diaspora in Florida

• Praise for the December Christmas party organized by an Muslim friend. We were able to clearly share the Good News. Pray that the seeds planted would bear fruit.
• Pray for a proposed get together with 10 East African Muslims and others from our community. Pray for unity and clarity for this get together.

Diaspora in Portland

• Praise God for great times of talking about our faith with a Saudi neighbor and his daughter. Our granddaughter got to share the Gospel and her testimony with the 28 year old daughter. Pray for the Saudi family as they moved after Christmas. Pray they will keep searching and reading the Scriptures.

Diaspora in Detroit

We have many opportunities to interact with people as they come to our homes.  We desire to study the Bible with our friends in our homes, at the church, or in their homes. Ask God to work in the hearts of our friends to join us in Bible study.

Diaspora in Canada

We had Abshir* and Fawzia* over for dinner. Abshir started pouring out his story, (*names have been changed). Even before he arrived in Canada from Djibouti Abshir had been plagued by nightmares. Terrifying dreams where he was chased by dark, faceless creatures that wielded frightening weapons.
Then one night a year ago the same dream began to unfold. But this time Jesus appeared to him with a host of soldiers. Jesus said to him, “Your enemies will not hurt you, because they cannot touch Me.” As long as Abshir stayed close to Jesus his foes were kept at bay. And from that day to this he has not had one more nightmare.

Praise God for his mercy towards Abshir. Pray he and his wife will decide to ‘stay close to Jesus’ and receive salvation!

Diaspora in Minnesota

• Pray for the SALT tutors who are assigned to Somali families. May they  understand that they may be the only “salt and light” into these homes and be very bold in sharing.
• Pray for the families who receive SALT tutors; pray that the Gospel and Spirit would penetrate their hearts in conversations and relationships.

Diaspora in Minnesota

• Praise: Before the holidays, we were able to share some of the reasons Christmas is so important and a joyful time for Christians. Keep praying that the seeds sown in different relationships between our Somali friends and our volunteers will grow. We long to see them come to our Savior.