Soccer and friends

Praise God for the great soccer tournament outcome in Wisconsin. There were 5 teams that signed up with 3 of those being Somali teams. Pray that our Somali friends will respond to the love of Christ and will be open to friendship with us.

Diaspora in SA

We are using a seminar called ‘Awareness and Evangelism of Refugees and Immigrants’ as part of our plan to help the Brazilian church to reach out to African refugees and immigrants in South America. There are so many opportunities, particularly as the immigration policies are changing in North America and Europe, South America is becoming an alternative for a lot of refugees. Today we have in Brazil more than 1 million immigrants from 79 different nations and many of them come from Africa. Pray for the church to have a vision for this opportunity.

Diaspora in SA

We are helping a young Brazilian who was a Muslim. Awhile ago, he started to search for the Christian version of Jesus’ death. He got a bible from his neighbor and as he was going through the Scripture, he had a powerful encounter with Jesus. There are many people like him in our nation as well. A few days ago in Sao Paulo, a refugee from Africa told me: “I was very interested in finding out the truth and I did some research online but I didn’t find anything. It was through a Christian here that I discovered I was seeking a God that I never met in my country.” Pray the Lord will help us find more Africans who are seeking Him.

Diaspora in Philadelphia

Pray for GROW, an ESL outreach program the entire Philly team is involved in, as it goes through financial and structural changes. Please pray for increased finances, for student attrition to decrease, and for GROW to have a spiritual impact on those who attend classes. Pray for many seekers to enroll in classes.

Diaspora in Minnesota

Praise God for new volunteers. Pray the SALT (Somali Adult Literacy Training) training will be well attended and helpful to tutors. Pray that the right Somali families will be matched to each tutor and they will develop deeper relationships and be able to share Truth.

Diaspora in UK

Church-based outreach teams in UK are yet to pick up despite some interest. Pray that UK churches will priorize outreach to diaspora peoples around their churches.

A couple from Canada will help with a 4-week research of Unreached People Groups in key UK cities from mid-July to mid-August. Pray for the necessary contacts to be made and some logistical hitches to be overcome.



Diaspora in Portland

Important conversations are happening… ESL strawberry-picking field trip; Eritrean Iftar meal; Somali graduation. Fellowship with believers has been rich… at our international prayer gathering, Eritrean Church, and an Ethiopian home. And there are ESL end-of-year celebrations and a field trip to a farm in Trout Lake, and a month of preaching, and more, just around the corner. Pray for God-ordained opportunities, and the right words from our mouths.

Diaspora in UK

Pray for the Outreach to Somali people in Cardiff, UK. Outreach remains at a very initial stage and so we are praying for more openings to share the gospel.

Diaspora in Portland

Please pray for volunteers that will commit to helping with summer ESL classes to North Africans (starting June 25). Pray for God directed coversations between volunteers and students and that the hearts of the students will be open to hearing the Truth. “What must we do to be doing the works of God? Jesus answered them, ‘This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom He has sent.'” (John 6:29)

Dream teams Europe

Dream teams are starting next week- June 21. There are about 50 people going to Spain & Malta to proclaim the gospel, do sports camps, build a playground and a myriad of other things. Pray that we will find people of peace with whom we can share the good news. Ask God to go before us and prepare hearts to respond to the Gospel.

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